Hannah Kunde



Ever since I was a child, I have had a heart that breaks deeply for injustice and longs passionately for God’s Kingdom on earth. Not until recently did I come to recognize that my human heart is not big enough to hold the amount of suffering and extent of joy that this world is filled with; only God’s is.

For this reason, it is a privilege to be on staff with Word Made Flesh. An organization full of people who have a heart for God’s justice and vision for God’s Kingdom. One that is dedicated to sustainable and intentional ministry with and among the least of these.

The Word Made Flesh Oregon community that I get to participate in explores what it looks like to live faithfully as the hands and feet of Christ among people in the Latino community who are oftentimes overlooked and unheard by wider society. We are building relationships with our neighbors across ethnic and economic lines, creating connections by volunteering with nearby non-profits, and actively participating in the worship of local faith communities. We are in the very beginning stages of building a team of staff and board members and discerning together what next steps the Lord has for our community.