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Anna Monteviller

WMF Peru


Anna Myriam Monteviller Pino was born in Lima, Peru.  She grew up in Christian home and continues to live with her mother and younger brother.  She is licensed in tourism having studied Marketing and Publicity.   She loves wood carving, camping, hiking, going to movies, and highly values her friends.  In 1998 she met and became friends with the Directors of WMF Peru who encouraged her to serve among the most vulnerable and at risk members of society.  In 1999 she traveled to Romania for a field visit to learn more  about a different reality of work among the poor.   She believes that God gave her a prophetic and evangelistic calling to the church and to God’s people to denounce and exhort them towards following Jesus’ example towards the poor.  She has participated in and worked with the Word Made Flesh Peru community for over 9 years, first as the Vice President of the board of  “La Palabra Hecha Hombre” and director of the Job House, then as the Programs Director and most recently as the National Director.

Mi nombre es Anna Myriam Monteviller Pino, nací en Lima Perú. Toda mi familia es cristiana y actualmente con vivo con mi mamá y mi hermano menor. Soy titulada en Turismo con estudios en Marketing y Publicidad.  Mi “hobby “es el calado en madera, acampar, hacer caminatas he ir al  cine. Tener amigos es algo que aprecio mucho.  En 1998 conocí a amigos de WMF Directores en Perú quienes me animaron a servir entre los más pobres y en riesgo social.  1999 viaje a Rumania para conocer otra realidad de trabajo por el pobre. Considero que Dios me dio desde entonces, un llamado profético y evangelistico para su  iglesia y su pueblo de denuncia y exhortación a seguir el ejemplo de Jesús, hacia los pobres.  He participado y trabajado en la Comunidad en Perú por más de 9 años, Vicepresidenta de la primera asociación de WMF Perú año  “La Palabra hecha Hombre” Y Directora de Casa Job (primera casa de día para chicos en calle) Directora de programas de PHH  2004 al 2010 En agosto 2011 Directora Nacional de PHH.

Volunteer Partners

Brian Langley

WMF Peru

Brian and Rachel’s story together began in middle school when their families began attending the same Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Columbus, Ohio. Rachel had already heard God calling her into a life of foreign missionary service at a young age. When Brian was 18, God approached him with a similar charge: “Will you follow me anywhere, and give me ALL of you?”

They started dating in high school, and were able to grow in friendship and love for each other through the discipleship of their parents and leaders at the church. Like every young couple in love, they started to make plans together: they talked of serving God in new places, of starting a family and of adopting children. Attending Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, Brian and Rachel came to know and love the newly forming Word Made Flesh community. Two trips to India on WMF Discovery Teams, first in 1995 and then in 1997 as team leaders, were life changing and affirming for their now shared conviction of God’s desires for them.

They married in June of 1996, living in Wilmore while finishing their degrees, Brian in Sociology, and Rachel in Nursing. In March of 1999 they traveled to Lima, Peru, to explore serving with WMF in Lima. On May 18, 2000, their first daughter, Sarah Isabel, was born; in October of that year the new family moved to Lima to begin service with WMF as Servant Team Coordinators. The Langleys served one term as Servant Team Coordinators and assumed the role of Field Directors in January, 2004. The Langleys adopted Natalia Marie in December, 2006 when she was 7 months old. A few years later, they adopted Mateo Luis, in June 2013, when he was 1 1/2 years old.

After their sabbatical season ending in April 2013 the Langleys began prayerfully discerning new desires in their hearts for ministry. As of January, 2015 the Langleys have transitioned to “Peru Field Staff” while they serve a 3-year seconded commitment to Sports Friends Peru, equipping local churches to develop sports ministries in their neighborhoods to “transform lives and strengthen communities”.