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Clint Baldwin
Executive Director

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Clint Baldwin is the Executive Director of Word Made Flesh.  After a quarter century learning, teaching and administrating in higher education with interdisciplinary focus on international and intercultural peace and justice, Clint brings a deep desire for transformative reconciliation, empowerment and mutuality to be at work in all places and people as he guides Word Made Flesh forward. He believes that “we all always have something to learn and we all always have something to give” and that we are “better together.”  It is one of Clint’s lifelong vocational pursuits to aid people and organizations in meaningful, humble and healthy navigation of such understanding.

Clint’s education has taken him through study at Asbury University, Spring Arbor University, Western Michigan University, Asbury Theological Seminary, University of Kentucky, and George Fox Seminary. He currently serves on the board of GoED International, as a steering committee member of Climate Caretakers, as founding member on the board of the Center for Environmental Leadership, and is actively involved in the rhythms of Asbury University.

Clint enjoys being with family and friends; reading and writing poetry and prose; savoring a good cup of coffee or tea; being out-and-about in nature; engaging in intercultural experiences and relationships; contemplating, discussing and living the philosophical and theological principles of faith and its practices; and finding ways to cultivate and celebrate joy.

Clint is married to Sarah – his deep soulfriend – who over the last twenty years has been a key formational presence in his life and partner in all he does.  He is honored to celebrate her work as Asbury University’s Vice-President of Student Development and Dean of Students.  Clint and Sarah have two children – Madi and Kai – who bring priceless life, love and goodness into the Baldwin home.  Another “family member” in the Baldwin home is their seven pound dog, Annabelle, who introduces a phenomenal mixture of ongoing joy and consternation into family dynamics.

Maren Telsey
Director of Community Care

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Maren grew up in Minnesota, and was first introduced to the work of Word Made Flesh as a student at Bethel University. Maren was drawn to the unique incarnational model of Word Made Flesh, with its emphasis on mutuality and its pursuit of the beloved community. She holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and has worked in public schools, a L’Arche community, and community mental health. Maren has lived in various places–growing up in Minnesota, but spending significant time in Denmark, South Africa, and Peru, and made New Orleans, LA and Tacoma, WA home for a season as well. Maren and her husband currently live in Seoul, South Korea.

Maren feels honored to be journeying with community members through seasons of transition, growth, rest, and difficulty. She longs to be a presence that supports people to greater health and community as they pursue their vocational callings. Bearing witness to the beauty and pain that comes along with the stories of Word Made Flesh is work Maren finds incredibly privileged to do. 

Morgan Watson
Office Manager/ Coordinator of Communications

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Morgan grew up in Tampa, Florida and now holds a B.A. in Communications from Asbury University.  Through her international communication and culture classes she began to feel a strong sense that God was calling her to interact with cultures all over the world.  However, for the current season of her life she felt called to also work in the United States rather than abroad.  Unsure of how that calling would manifest itself in 2016 Morgan completed a yearlong communications internship with the Word Made Flesh International Office.  It was there she was able to see how she could pursue her calling of working in the states while serving and helping different communities all around the world.  Morgan is excited to have this opportunity to be the Office Manager and Coordinator of Communications right out of college.  

Morgan now lives in Wilmore, Kentucky with her husband Caleb.  He is currently finishing his degree in Theatre and Cinema Performance from Asbury University.


Will Sallee
Coordinator of Mobilization and Relations

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Will is originally from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. He holds a B.A. from Asbury University and is currently working on his M.A. in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary.  The Lord placed a calling in his heart to serve “the least of these” – those who were neglected and often rejected by the world and even by the Church. Will loves to engage in conversation with people and finds joy in helping people from all walks of life achieve new levels of freedom and depth in their personal life journeys. Will has worked internationally in South Korea at an international boarding school where he lived with and “parented” 35 high school students. He then moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where he worked with a missional non-profit focused on serving and empowering men, women and children who are exploited by the commercial sex industry.

Will and his wife, Laura, now live in Wilmore, KY where they work with college students at their alma mater, Asbury University. Laura is a Resident Director and Will is the Assistant Coach of the AU Women’s Volleyball Team.

Dr. Sunday Daleng
Academic Training - Associate Director Operational Leadership

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Sunday Daleng is a doctoral degree graduate from Asbury Theological Seminary.  He has a passion for the lost and the least, and is doing post-doctoral academic training at Word Made Flesh in order to implement what he learns in this position into his ministry back home in Nigeria.

While in Nigeria, he served as national coordinator of an international Christian ministry, preacher, and leader of revival meetings in different churches and ministries.  Sunny and his wife, Salome, are co-founders of Peniel Outreach Ministry International – a ministry in Nigeria with focus on outreach to the lost and the least, as well as leadership development.  He is thrilled with the opportunity to be part of what God is doing at Word Made Flesh serving as the Associate Director of Operational Leadership as he builds his capacity during the academic training period. His hopes are that this will result in greater productivity back in his ministry opportunities in Nigeria.  Sunny, his wife, and four children now live in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA.  His wife Salome is also completing an M.A. in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Annie Jones
Africa Liaison

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Annie grew up in a town outside of Houston, Texas. She loves marine life and has a Marine Biology degree from Texas A&M University of Galveston. As she was getting ready to enter her last year of college God flipped her life upside down, and her old desires shifted to the desires of Jesus. She was not sure where Jesus would lead her, but she knew she wanted to follow him wherever he went.

In September 2012 she joined a Servant Team with Word Made Flesh (WMF) to Kolkata, India. There she fell in love with the women WMF was journeying with who were taking steps to leave behind the woes of prostitution. In 2014, Annie returned as full time WMF staff to Kolkata and loved her work there. Currently, she works as the WMF Africa Liaison for the US office.

Annie enjoys reading (pretty much everything and anything! Feel free to recommend books. 🙂 ); she loves animals (dolphins, sea lions, dogs…you name it); and having focused her studies on Marine Biology, it might not surprise you that swimming is regularly on the activity list.

Staff of The Cry


Jorge Castorena


Jorge was born in Juarez, Mexico just across the West-Texan border. He moved to the U.S. when he was six and grew up in Louisville, KY.  In 2016, he graduated from Asbury University in Wilmore, KY with B.A. degrees in Journalism and Public Relations. It was during his time at university that he connected with Word Made Flesh.

He loves using good storytelling, writing and graphic design to communicate the Good News of Christ. For him, like with Jesus, it is important to hear the stories of hurting people and give space for their voices to be heard.

Jorge now lives in the heart of Louisville with his wife Ashley where, alongside his work with Word Made Flesh, he works as the Media and Information Pastor at Evangel World Prayer Center (a large church with a strong vision for both local and world outreach). He loves travel, film, cooking and is an avid tea-drinker, always with cream.

Leah Abraham


Leah was born in Texas, but grew up in the monsoon-beaded streets of India. She moved to Portland in 2007 and has found home in the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from George Fox University with a degree in Journalism. Her happy place is somewhere at the intersection of storytelling, the digital space and social justice. She’s an ISFP on the Myers-Briggs and is a Type 2 on the Enneagram.

Currently, she lives right outside of Seattle and works at a community newspaper where she reports on education and community news.

Artist Ambassador

Aaron Strumpel
Artist Ambassador

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Over the years, Aaron Strumpel has been able to partner with communities that he’s met and with whom he’s felt deeply connected. Word Made Flesh has become one of these communities and after having encountered them at Missions Week at George Fox University, Aaron was invited to lead worship at several large WMF staff gatherings and yearly Holiday shows. He’s visited the communities in Peru and Buenos Aires and gotten to know most of the U.S. missionaries. This new season at WMF marks renewed interaction and collaboration for Aaron and we are excited to present his musical work here on our website! Learn more about Aaron’s partnership with Word Made Flesh