WMF Staff Profile: Sunday Daleng

I see the vision of Word Made Flesh as a significant tool in the hands of God in reaching the unreached and in identifying with those in poverty. WMF certainly has lots of room for growth and improvement with potential of opening other communities around the world. My role as Associate Director of Operational Resources, among other things include the following:

• Ensure development efforts are formative in nature by marrying theological knowledge and convictions with efforts toward donor and staff relationships
• Thoughtfully consider the spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical needs of the donor and staff community
• Create and implement donor and staff care strategies and initiatives
• Manage pertinent Donor (External) and Field (Internal) information and communications
• Support Community Care director with community spiritual development initiatives as needed

My life has never been fulfilled anywhere else apart from being in the vineyard. I have being engaged with para-church agencies since my middle school days. I chose to be an agent of God in the para-church agencies while actively engaging the local church. I have remained within this sphere of God’s redemptive mission. In Word Made Flesh, I will seek to see the practicality of the Partnership between the local church and Para-church as a major focus in my life. In this season of my life, the challenges that I have to deal with are a bit different from what I have had to deal with in running a regional or national ministry. Now it is in different culture entirely. Though the operations of WMF in several communities around the world gives me a sense of the impact of what I will be doing at the international office. The experience at Word Made Flesh will go a long way to enrich my passion for the least and the lost.



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