A World Full of Good People

The small group meeting had just ended and everyone filters away to their homes. The matron of the family gathers us together around the table and begins, “We saw your call for help for Wanda,* and we want to help.” All the family nods in agreement. “We have a stove that was a wedding present from […]

Lifestyle Celebration: On Obedience (as Featured in The Cry)

Obedience.  We can tend to cringe a bit when it’s mentioned.  Obedience is a term that carries a whole lot of negative cultural baggage.  Throughout history, ranging from the oversight of families to that of nations, people have far too often used the idea of obedience to perpetuate harm on others.  The idea of obedience […]

WMF Thailand

Why Are We Determined ?

The tournaments are over BUT our friends and family are determined for us to reach our financial goal, which is awesome, so we decided to extend our efforts through October 31st!  It IS possible for us to reach our goal with your help. ANY amount will make all the difference so please use your resources and connections to […]


“I’m here and they’re still there.” Those were the words of my housemate one night in the small hours after a brothel visit in El Alto. Naturally a deep sleeper, I don’t know why the sound of soft sobbing at 3am woke me this time. I heard her brush past my door and asked if […]

Lifestyle Celebration: On Intimacy (as Featured in The Cry)

In a beautifully intimate passage of scripture we read, “As a mother comforts her child, so will I [God] comfort you…” (Isa. 66:13) What could be more intimate than God identifying the Love of God as being like that of a mother who comforts her child? This issue of The Cry focuses on our Word […]


Angela* grew up in a small town near Oruro, Bolivia with her parents and siblings. She would sell food with her mother in the mornings before school to help cover expenses. Each day Angela would return the pots to the house and change clothes before running to class. But one morning Angela’s mother was unable to accompany her […]

Love in Her One-Room Home

  This spring, I visited Vanessa’s* to share Sunday lunch and a rite-of-passage tradition for her toddler. She received me in her stepmother’s home, one of two living relatives in her life. I cut her toddler’s hair for the first time – the hair he entered this world with – which now designates me as […]

The History of WMFB

The story of Word Made Flesh Bolivia is one of God’s faithfulness and grace, one where loved ones have come and gone and left their mark, one of perseverance in the face of disappointment, political turmoil, sickness, severe weather and tough living. But it is also one where Hope triumphs and each small step towards […]

New explorations of an old theme

At WMF Peru, we have an increasing call to support women who are working in the sex trade and their vulnerable children. We long to respond to this leading by embracing and empower these families. We are in the process of developing both an intervention program and a prevention program. Prevention Our prevention program will address […]

The Look Of Jesus

It had been a long time since we last visited the place where little Jesús was, and it’s certainly not a place where a three-year-old boy or, really, any minor should live — exposed to addiction, crime, every kind of violence, police intervention, and so forth. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about […]