Dream Big

Dreaming Big

Just outside the Bangkok City limit, there is a little church called Amen Church. Its doors are open every weekend to the surrounding community, welcoming kids of all ages into the fun of Kids’ ministry and English language learning. Creative Life Foundation has partnered with the pastor, Khun Plaa, for about eight years to bring […]

True Fasting

Waiting is not always fun. Waiting for something that is completely out of your control, and trusting that God is in control, is not always easy. In fact it can be extremely difficult. As I waited and prayed for my visa, I also prayed for my friend trying to get his visa (which he got […]

Sierra Leone

The Cry for Safety

Keziah is a vulnerable young girl desiring safety for her life. She was abandoned when she was four years old when her parents left her with an older woman in the east end of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Keziah was abused sexually there, and the old woman did not fight for her. So she started a journey […]

The Day She Stopped Running

Honestly, I understand why Ada was mad at God.  Misfortune and disaster seem to hunt her, and its hard not to blame it on an all-powerful father. Her own mother and father abandoned her early, and she and her brother and sister were raised by their grandparents in a squalor that belies description, marginally assisted […]

Vanessa’s Transformation

On a chilly Wednesday evening, a small team made its weekly visit to the red-light district, and met Vanessa.*  At 28 y/o, she had resorted to prostitution a few months prior to make ends meet for her two young sons. Lonely for fellowship, Vanessa visited the WMFB ministry center within the week. Over tea, she […]

The Living Hope of Eastertide

Happy Eastertide!  He is risen! This beautiful tapestry depicted above has been hanging in our church during Lent, Holy Week and now into Eastertide. The tapestry resides at the top of a set of the church’s entrance stairs.  Upon summiting it feels as if one is naturally moving forward to join in the depicted journey. […]


WMF Peru Update

Recently, Peru has experienced fatal flash flooding and mudslides throughout the entire country.  We are thankful to report that everyone at our WMF Peru site is safe, but please be in prayer for the country as a whole as the flooding has caused wide-spread devastation and there is the possibility of continuing heavy rains for the […]


There’s enough to go around

“There’s enough to go around.” Those five words revolutionized my life. I was in my first year of graduate school, training to become a therapist. I was at a point in the school year when I had begun to question whether or not I had chosen the correct career path. I was immersed in abstract […]

Greeting and Lenten Reflection

The Following reflection was recently shared with our Word Made Flesh staff around the world. We thought we’d share it further by posting it here on the WMF blog. We pray it proves meaningful for you. Greetings, all. During this season of Lent, I hope that in the midst of all that you are carrying […]