True Fasting

Waiting is not always fun. Waiting for something that is completely out of your control, and trusting that God is in control, is not always easy. In fact it can be extremely difficult. As I waited and prayed for my visa, I also prayed for my friend trying to get his visa (which he got […]

Women, Rwanda

The Start of Something New

We are excited about what God is doing here in Kigali, Rwanda. We’ve been working with vulnerable women in one of the communities here now for a year. The first several months seemed pretty rocky at times. The group began with 20 women starting a savings and credit group, but it took some time for […]


Planting Roots Takes Courage

I try to begin each day with the morning prayer from Common Prayer. This liturgy has become a vital part of my daily rhythms over the last year, offering peace to my morning and a solid foundation for my day. This prayer from a few months ago was, amazingly enough, the prayer on my one […]

Travel, Transitions, And All Of The Things

  Well I arrived safe and sound here in the Land of a Thousand Hills with NO complications at immigration! (Can I get an AMEN?!) It has been a pretty busy week. Traveling/getting to know the city, bible studies, shared community Rwandan meals, and a welcome dinner! Did I mention how thankful I am that Shelbye has been […]

Rwanda Hope

Looking Forward To The Future With Hope

When we came to visit Annete she was sitting on the floor of her two-room house organizing the bag of clothes a friend from church had donated to her. It is rare that any of our friends in Kangondo—a slum nestled in between two of Kigali’s wealthiest neighborhoods—are able to find work, so Annette’s gift of clothes to […]

Do You Love Your Neighbors Pt. 2

Last week, I wrote about loving your neighbor. Or, rather, how I had witnessed another Word Made Flesh community loving their neighbors really, really well. I wrote about how they had inspired me and how I wanted to pursue friendship and community here in Kigali in the same way that they do in Kroo Bay. Turns out, […]

“Do you love your neighbor?”

This was shouted from Kumba and Bala’s cabin (just next door to ours) on a frequent basis over the course of our retreat. It’s a trick question, obviously, to which we could only respond that we did, in fact, love our neighbors. This joke carried on through the whole retreat; “Do you love your neighbor” called out to neighboring […]


I sit here in a cafe in the land of a thousand hills wondering, yet again, if this is my real life. It’s surreal, beautiful, confusing, painful, joyful, and a little lonely all at the same time. I’m finding that mornings spent in prayer are a much more necessary part of my routine than a […]

Greetings from Kigali!

I can hardly believe that I am actually here. The few weeks have been such a strange transition back to life in Kigali. A lot of things looks and feel exactly the same as when I was here in 2013, but my life this time around seems so much different. I’m getting used to living in […]

Terrifying, in a good way

I’m leaving Portland today. I have been talking about and planning for Rwanda for over a year now, so to finally be at the point of leaving is relieving, exciting, and—to be completely honest—slightly terrifying. Terrifying, though, in a good way. Terrifying because over the last year of just planning for Rwanda, God has changed me in more ways than […]