A Christmas Letter From Word Made Flesh

Dear friends, Merry Christmas! Below is our Word Made Flesh Christmas letter. 🙂 We have sent the included letter out hard-copy as well as electronically. However, we only have electronic addresses for some of you. If this is you, we would love for you to drop us a reply with your physical address. Thanks! 🙂 Our Christmas […]

Meet The Summer Interns

      We love having interns around the office. This summer we’ve been lucky enough to have two talented young ladies join our team.  Say hello to Toria and Krista !                   Meet Toria University: Asbury University Hometown: Nicholasville, KY   Why did you want to intern […]

The Cry – 5 Reasons To Subscribe

The Cry is a quarterly magazine published by Word Made Flesh that celebrates our core values, highlights the global community, and promotes personal stories and inspiration. After a period of dormancy, The Cry is being re-launched! You can subscribe here Here are five reasons to subscribe: Community The Cry captures the wide reach of the ministry […]


The word is engraved on my necklace and persists as a beacon and a mission in my life. Though I grew up as a church kid, hope is a word that I am just beginning to grasp. Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, or any other time an opportunity arose, myself and my family was in our church. For […]

Word Made Flesh And The Idea Of Beloved Community

Hi, WMF friends. This last week, Asbury University invited me to speak for its MLK Jr. chapel. I’m deeply thankful to have shared for this event as so much of MLK’s work resonates with both who Word Made Flesh is and seeks to be as an organization. For instance, an important aspect of MLK’s work is about […]

“Are we awake during the great revolutions of today?”

Taken on the march from Selma to Montgomery, I love how this photo showcases deep and diverse bonds of camaraderie forged while striving for justice. The friendship of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel (two of the good folk in this photo) continues to inspire me; so, I added a quote to the […]

The latest from Urbana

Hi! So this is fun! I’m at my first Urbana ever. It’s massive. 16k people! Anyway, I came on a last minute invitation with a last minute organization I’ve loved since I met them in 2007. A crew of missionaries serving Jesus amongst the most vulnerable of the worlds poor- Word Made Flesh. If you’re […]

An Interview with Word Made Flesh Intern Cora Breakfield

Internships with Word Made Flesh are challenging, rewarding, and transformational. Participants are given the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in community formation, discipleship, and service. These internships are a time of tremendous spiritual growth.  For many, this growth comes from challenges both expected and unexpected. Recently, we sat down with current WMF Intern Cora Breakfield to discuss […]

The Way Back

There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun” (Thomas Merton). My friend Bobby called me last Saturday morning. He told me that he was having a good day, that he had received last week’s church newsletter in the mail and that he was drinking a cappuccino at […]

Meet Our New Executive Director

Dear Friends, I am writing today with the honor of having been named Executive Director of Word Made Flesh (WMF). It is with a full heart that I note my deep thankfulness of being commissioned by Word Made Flesh’s board of directors to step into this role. Knowing that the board consulted with WMF Regional Coordinators, Field Directors […]