The WMF Kolkata community partners with local organizations to provide economic opportunity and wholistic restoration for women who are vulnerable to sex trafficking and to women who are exiting the commercial sex trade (through self-rescue) so that they can find freedom and a new life.

Mission Statement

WMF Kolkata has been called to serve among those who have been sexually exploited. We work to see the freedom and restoration of Kolkata’s red-light areas through dignifying relationship with persons affected by the sex trade.

Sari Bari

WMF partners with Sari Bari Private Limited and the Sari Bari Trust.

Sari Bari Pvt. Ltd. provides employment to women exiting the sex trade and to young women who are vulnerable to human trafficking.

The Sari Bari Trust offers wholistic support to Sari Bari employees through school support, HIV/AIDS support, medical advocacy, mental health support, and literacy training programs.   Additionally, the Sari Bari Trust serves the needs of the local red-light community.

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