Word Made Flesh Kolkata exists as a community of Christ followers called to be in relationship with sexually exploited women in Kolkata’s red light districts.

India is renown for its rich historical heritage, storied traditions, distinct cultures, and resilient people groups, all of which contribute to the collage of beauty and brilliance that makes up this great nation. Still India is a country torn apart by an exploding AIDS epidemic, religious tensions, political instability, an ever-increasing economic disparity, unsustainable population growth and rampant inflation. In a nation such as this, vulnerable women and children suffer the most.

Mission Statement

WMF Kolkata has been called to serve among those who have been sexually exploited. We work to see the freedom and restoration of Kolkata’s red-light areas through dignifying relationship with persons affected by the sex trade.

Brothel Outreach Ministry

The WMF community is committed to being a pressence of peace and hope among the people of Kolkata’s red light districts. Staff members make visitations 2-3 times a week to build relationships, resource women to find eduction for their children, assist with connections to alternate sources of employment, and help in medical advocacy.