From the Editor

It has been an absolute honor to see The Cry relaunched after a little over a year offline. For Word Made Flesh, this was a year of transition and change, and it is exciting to once again have The Cry moving forward. A year ago, shortly before I graduated from Asbury University in Wilmore, Ky., […]

From the Executive Director

This issue of The Cry focuses on the Word Made Flesh Lifestyle Celebration of suffering. One of the paradoxes and tensions of the Christian life is that we are extolled to be thankful despite the immediacy of particular circumstances (1 Thes. 5:16, 18; James 1:2; Mat. 5:11). Sometimes circumstances make thankfulness almost effortless.  Sometimes circumstances […]

To Confront Suffering

In Thailand, WMF Thailand is registered as the Creative Life Foundation (CLF). Our vision is to see people connected to resources. Our mission is to respond to issues of poverty and migration with education, small business and counseling services. Our programs formed organically as we met kids who didn’t have access to schools and families who […]

Contemplative Art

 Christine Erny is a contemplative artist who believes that, in all of life, presence and process are what is  most important.  Whether  through her paintings, recycled journals, or jewelry, the invitation is: be present and the beauty will follow.   Christine’s work is on display and for sale at Solomon’s Porch, a local coffee shop […]

Suffering With Christ

Where am I? What am I doing? Is this real life? We passed karaoke bars and massage parlors, and we knew exactly what happened behind those doors. We passed a house that my professor said was a brothel. We walked down these streets, and saw American tourists smiling and laughing. My group talked about going […]

Jesus Is There

Sometimes the suffering of this world is overwhelming and I don’t know what to do. We walk into our friends’s homes here in Kigali, Rwanda and the same story comes from the mouth of so many of the women. They tell us how they are unable to support their families and how they can’t afford […]

What I Learned About Abuse

Last fall, a sparrow fell-flew down my chimney shoot. She perched on the unlit grill, behind the mesh screen, dirtying her little feet in grease and ash. She turns her head to observe, serene. I tiptoe to the window, and creak it open: a breeze enters, and the street sounds amplify. There is a narrow […]

Maribel's Home in Peru

Is God Really All-powerful?

The path of serving — in most cases, it is a difficult one. And more so when one’s heart is no longer of stone, when it has developed the capacity to to suffer with those who suffer and rejoice with those who rejoice. At the beginning of the year, as our ministry here in Peru […]

WMF Staff Profile: Doris Monasterios

“I trust in God, I believe in God. I am his daughter. And he has so many incredible things for me. With all of my heart, with all of my passion, I want to serve God and be faithful to him.” Doris Monasterios is a powerful example of perseverance, strength, hard work and an unending […]

WMF Staff Profile: Sunday Daleng

I see the vision of Word Made Flesh as a significant tool in the hands of God in reaching the unreached and in identifying with those in poverty. WMF certainly has lots of room for growth and improvement with potential of opening other communities around the world. My role as Associate Director of Operational Resources, […]