Word Made Flesh Romania strives for transformed society in which the poor and most vulnerable are redeemed and empowered.

Romania is searching for a new identity amidst its dramatic change from communism to capitalism. Romania suffers economic displacement, the AIDS epidemic, and rising ethnic struggles.

Mission Statement

WMF Romania serves Jesus among the most vulnerable: at-risk children, street youth and poor families. Christians from Romania and other nations come together from various local churches to seek the Kingdom of God in community. Through ministry on the streets and educational programs at a community center, we strive for a transformed society in which the poor are redeemed and empowered

Children on the Streets

Many of the children spend their days begging and their nights staying warm in sewers and apartment stairwells. We build relationships and experience together the love and presence of Jesus in the midst of the darkness and suffering of the streets.

Education and Counseling Programs

WMF Romania assists destitute children in education — helping with school expenses, advocating for the children at their schools and providing tutoring, meals and medical care at the “Valley” Community Center. With the help of volunteers and staff from the local church, 40 at-risk children were assisted with their education in 2010. Of those, 36 attended regular schools, and four attended a special school for those who have missed years in school. Keeping in mind that all programs offered at the center are therapeutic (art, computer, summer camp and daily play time), more formal counseling through play therapy continued to be offered. In addition to these programs, we began a mentorship program this year. Several of our high schoolers are now working with younger children in a mentor type relationship in hopes that the giftings of our high schoolers will be developed as well as allowing them opportunity to give back in ways similar to which they have been given.

Family and Community Support

Through parent meetings, home visits, trainings and presentations in schools and churches, the WMF community has begun to build relationships; raise awareness of issues involving children, positive discipline and behavioral development; and share the truth of God’s love in the local community. The WMF community has also been involved in supporting foster families as they open their homes to children in need of consistent affection and structure.


Through two semi-annual printed publications, a Beggars Society and a website, WMF Romania is able to raise awareness in the church and local community about poverty issues and how to develop a biblical response.