Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone seeks to love, serve and accompany youth on the street, destitute families and young children in Freetown.

A brutal 10-year civil war destroyed much of the country of Sierra Leone, leaving its beautiful people some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world.

Mission Statement

We are called to holistically care for children and young adults through discipleship, educational/vocational opportunities and family-like relationships.

Lighthouse Ministry

WMF Sierra Leone closely partners with Lighthouse Ministry, a program started by Sierra Leoneans to encourage and support children who live on the streets of Freetown. Fifteen teenagers and young adults are a part of the program, each one enrolled in high school or a job-training program. The Lighthouse youth meet once a week for corporate worship, fellowship, prayer and Bible study. Throughout the week, they meet in smaller groups for discipleship, Bible study, prayer and accountability. Lighthouse youth hone their leadership skills as they help facilitate the weekly Good News Club in Kroo Bay.

Kroo Bay Good News Club

On Saturday afternoons, WMF staff and the Lighthouse youth lead a Bible club for approximately 250 children in Kroo Bay, one of the largest and poorest slum communities of Freetown. The Lighthouse youth lead the children in praise and worship, Bible stories and prayer. At the end of the meetings, eggs and biscuits are shared to help with nutritional needs, and those who are wounded or sick receive first aid. Five children from the club receive school fees and academic tutoring through generous donations given to WMF.

Kroo Bay Outreach and Relationship Building

Several WMF staff and some Lighthouse youth spend a day or two each week walking through the slum of Kroo Bay. During this time, they hope to build on the relationships already established through our Good News Club. Some weeks WMF staff will specifically go to share a message of good news and hope in Christ with idle youth sitting at local gathering places. Other weeks, staff are approached by waiting residents and taken to a pressing medical case for attention and prayer. Through these conversations and times of shared prayer, we are building bridges through relationship with the residents of Kroo Bay.

Ale’ Ale’ House of Hope Drop-in Center

With the name given it by our Kroo Bay Kids, our ministry center is home to many activities throughout the week, including staff meetings and time of worship. Our youth come to the center three times a week for tutoring and a hot meal. A playground was recently constructed on the grounds, and we are dreaming of beginning to host a program for local children from Kroo Bay as soon as God provides the staff for it!