Word Made Flesh Thailand’s mission is to respond to the poor, marginalized and displaced people of Thailand through holistic educational therapeutic and creative projects to address their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

» Read the latest from Thailand (Dec. 2014) At first glance Bangkok, Thailand, is a beautiful mixture of ancient and modern traditions, lifestyles and experiences. Hidden behind the buzz of this mega-city are broken and exploited lives. WMF is committed to building relationships with Thai people, to walking hand-in-hand with them in friendship, and to loving in Christ. We dream of the day that these relationships move the hearts of the Thai people and inspire them to reach out in love and reconciliation as a protest against the mass exploitation of women, men and children in their city.

Vision Statement

Our mission is to respond to the poor, marginalized and displaced people of Thailand with holistic educational therapeutic and creative projects to address their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We do through the creation and management of; the Creative Life Education projects, Soul, MINAS, Palanjia and Restore. Our goal is to see each of these projects mature and discover deeper who and what they are, meet the goals for the year, createsystems and higher staff and volunteers.

Creative Life Foundation

The Creative Life Foundation is a project of Word Made Flesh, founded by Thailand team leaders, Tim and Amy Hupe. Word Made Flesh Thailand has worked among the migrant, displaced, trafficked and marginalized of Bangkok since 2008. In 2013, Tim and Amy founded the Creative Life Foundation as an innovative and unique response to the issues of poverty and exploitation in Bangkok. Our Therapeutic Community Center offers education, counseling and social business initiatives. We believe that living side by side in relationship is transformative and healing love will catalyze the natural and organic process of healing and growth. The people we love might be called beggars, prostitutes or asylum seekers but we call them our friends. We believe in the potential of each person and trust that, by creating a safe environment, we create space for him or her to discover who they deeply are.


Street Outreach establishes and deepens relationships with families who beg on the street mainly in the notorious red-light district, putting children and women at great risk for sexual exploitation. In valuing relationships we consistently visit our friends on the streets where they beg to offer encouragement, prayer and service. As relationships grow we begin making home visits, hoping to build bridges into these at-risk communities.

The heart behind Palang Jai is to cultivate relationships with the poor in villages located along the Thai-Burma border. This project focuses on building Thai teams, creating immersion opportunities while also responding to educational and medical needs.

Restore is a small training/business initiative set up as a way to create opportunities for the dad’s we know with no jobs. Restore hosts annual workshops teaching basic carpentry skills and tool maintenance. Restoremakes furniture using recycled pallet wood.


Our home in Thailand serves also as a place to invite women into community with us. We long “to set the lonely in family.” In our home, Servant Team members, staff members and women in need are able to receive safety, relationship and community.


This project was created as a direct response to the many children we know who beg and sell flowers in Bangkok’s notorious red light districts. Through the use of education, we are interrupting the cycle of poverty that the families of our students are trapped in. Our curriculum and instruction are based on our individual students’ levels and interests and include lots of extracurricular activities including music, dance and art.

A holistic therapeutic service and training. Soul provides creative arts therapy for locals in Bangkok as well as specializing in services for at-risk and traumatized women who are leaving exploitive circumstances.

Beggars Society is a monthly gathering where we discuss issues regarding poverty such as exploitation, human trafficking and slavery.  We invite guest speakers and discuss issues as a platform for seeking change in the world.  Beggars Society is a place of discussion and opportunities for having hard conversations, which comes naturally when discussing issues of injustice because time after time we realize there are no quick fixes or easy solutions.  But having places where we can begin discussing and conversing is at least a beginning  and creates a platform for moving forward.


MINAS Business

MINAS began selling homemade pesto and peanut butter locally to friends. After entering the local farmer’s market circuit, our sales exploded. In less than a year, we’ve grown into a small business creat-ing jobs for women in need, while instilling dignity and pride through the sales of a great product.



WMF Thailand takes part in the San Jai Network, a network of over 70 Christian organizations working in Thailand and surrounding countries. The San Jai network is a Thai foundation focused on information sharing, partnership and working together. Our Servant Teams have begun to serve with the Jai Samarn Church, a large active Thai Church that is faithful to planting churches and reaching out to many of the communities in which our friends live.