WMF Peru

New Adventures And Old Themes

Greetings from Lima Peru! It is my sincere hope to encourage you with this update on the happenings in Word Made Flesh Peru in 2016, and our plans for 2017. As it happened, 2016 was fraught with many challenges, and yet, I still see God showing His care and provision for the ministry at every […]

Intentional Community

Intentional Community

Intentional community is an initiative that started a long time ago as a dream.  We longed for a way to accompany the families we have been walking with on the streets and improve their quality of life.  As they have moved out of the center of the city and settled into the outskirts, they are […]

Hope In Peru

What has two ears, a corkscrew tail and a snout? Give up? The answer is hope. We know, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds more like the description of a pig than hope,” and you’re right. But stay with us for a moment. What we’re actually talking about are the plastic piggy banks that we handed […]

WMF Peru update Feb 2015

Releasing what we cherish in our walk of obedience In the history of the ministry of WMF Peru, in each and every stage, God has provided the resources and support we needed.  One of the greatest gifts and resources we have received is our ministry center.  Thanks to all of you who helped us purchase […]

Centered-Self Service

One night as I was traveling along a dark blurry road in a taxi, my attention was pulled to the right. Two shadowed figures, one above and one below, were engaged in a battle. One was clearly dominating the other. The vehicle, all of a sudden, came upon a man and a woman. As we […]

Praying for the Langley's Sabbatical

Dear friends, With much happiness I would like to share with you that on Thursday, June 28th, the community of Word Made Flesh (i.e., Palabra Hecha Hombre) celebrated an important time of prayer and reflection with our friends Brian and Rachel Langley.  After 12 years of service to the youth of Lima and to our […]

July Update

Dear Friends, Greetings from Lima!  We are full of joy as we write, knowing that the work that God is doing in us, in each and every circumstance, is part of a good and perfect plan “hidden with Christ in God.” (Colossians 3:3).  This month our sabbatical is starting, and we have been transitioning into […]

Langley family June 2012 update letter

June 2012 Langley family update   Dear Friends,   We have shared with many of you the possibility of our family soon entering into a time of Sabbatical renewal.  Many congregations and communities understandably term sabbatical a “creative absence,” and as our own sabbatical unfolds we want to open our process and experience of sabbatical […]

Langley family December 2010 update letter

December 2010   WMF Peru: Looking back and looking forward Greetings to all of you from Lima, Peru!  We are very excited to share this community update with you as we close out 2010 and begin to focus our attention on the coming year… Prevention & Empowerment: Throughout the year we have focused our energies […]