The Cry Vol 16 No 2 . 5

Trusting in a loving God By Erin When I think of submitting, I think of giving up and losing control. From an early age, we are taught to not give up and to even question authority. Furthermore, we are taught to ask questions and eventually to try to get ahead in life. To submit in […]

The Cry Vol 16 No 2 . 6

  The perfect wait By April I’m not perfect. That’s not only a confession. It’s a statement. A truth. A foundation. A starting point. The other day I was making tortillas (don’t be too impressed; I love Mexican food and the only way I can eat a semi-authentic taco in Romania is if I make […]

The Cry Vol 16 No 1 . 1

Reserved: A simple, open space Although many, we might even say most, strangers in this world become easily the victim of a fearful hostility, it is possible for men and women and obligatory for Christians to offer an open and hospitable space where strangers can cast off their strangeness and become our fellow human beings.1 […]

The Cry Vol 16 No 1 . 2

Through the branches It was Oct. 25, and I was driving from Bloomfield, Neb. (my hometown), to Omaha. I took an alternate route to avoid interstate construction and hopefully make the trip in less than three hours. Oddly enough, Highway 275 was a source of revelation for me. On the drive, I became more aware […]

The Cry Vol 11 No 4

“A night both dark and sacred. Quiet enough to crave the cry of a baby king, black enough to welcome the light of the star of Bethlehem. The Darkest Night of the Year.”

The Cry Vol 15 No 4 . 1

The servant nature of God By David Chronic Early in my Christian walk, Jesus’ words, “Go and sell what you have, give to the poor, and then come follow Me,” challenged me to simplify my life in order to serve God. I didn’t hear these words as a harsh, top-down command; rather, I saw how […]

The Cry Vol 15 No 4 . 4

Preparing the way of the Lord — As a servant of hope By David Bayne “In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” (Isaiah 40:3) The seasons of the church year have become significant in my rhythm of life, community and mission. I especially […]

The Cry Vol 15 No 3.1

Insight Series: New friars or new monasticism? A theological reading of the signs of the times By Tom Kelly The Insight Series features guest writers who have influenced the philosophical identity of WMF. These theologians, scholars, writers and practitioners have had a role in shaping the vision of WMF. In this issue, Tom Kelly reflects […]

The Cry Vol 15 No 3.2

Centered in belovedness By Mandy We often think community is the opposite of loneliness. When we want to avoid that loneliness, we hang out with people and fill our days with activities. But those times and events don’t necessarily qualify as community. Part of being in community is knowing yourself — being in community with […]

The Cry Vol 15 No 3.3

Looking through the rough exterior By Rich It amazes me to see the fragile shell of defense that kids who live on the street create to protect themselves from the dangers of this world. Children as young as 8 and 9 put on a front of toughness and independence to shield themselves from the pain […]