Esther Project

The Esther Project

The Esther Project (Projeto Ester) opened its doors on November 18, 2009. As a community center, we develop women of God through teaching and discipleship, and help to provide education, work, legal assistance, aid with documentation issues, and access to health care.We are called, as Esther was, to risk ourselves and to sacrifice for these women in danger.  We […]

Hope In Peru

What has two ears, a corkscrew tail and a snout? Give up? The answer is hope. We know, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds more like the description of a pig than hope,” and you’re right. But stay with us for a moment. What we’re actually talking about are the plastic piggy banks that we handed […]

Kicking Down Doors

For the last few years we have been visiting children and mothers with babies who beg in Bangkok’s notorious red light districts. During these years we have built relationships with children who have become the financial providers for their family. Mostly this burden has been placed on children as it is hard to say no to a shoeless […]

Desolation and Dependence

In high school after reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel, I wrote a paper on what it means to be in utter desolation. My conclusion was that utter desolation is of the absence of anything good or hopeful—a place void of anything that draws the mind back to life: a place like a Nazi […]

She Treasured All These Things

“We have to do WHAT?” I would have thought (and probably shouted). “Go WHERE? Joseph, can’t you see I’m about to pop?” I’m glad I wasn’t chosen to give birth to the Messiah. Even had I initially responded with the humility and obedience of Mary, “I am the Lord’s servant…. May it be to me […]

High Altitude Humility

by Adam Thada Mountains are the eternal inspiration for poets, dare-devils and soul-searchers. On the mountain, humanity’s mad obsession with petty day-to-day concerns simply melt away like glacial ice under a scorching sun. Here climbers are reminded that they are not so powerful after all. Humility is a survival strategy. Proud alpinists don’t last very […]


          The digtial collage  is crafted by artist and WMF Peru community member Monica Ghali as her reflection on obedience. The background piece is from the series Miserere IV, by French painter and printmaker Georges Rouault. It is titled Obéissant jusqu’à la mort et à la mort de la croix / Obedient unto the death, […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 2 . 4

Disobedience By Rich Nichols As followers of Christ, we are told that we are not citizens of this world, but members of God’s Kingdom. The apostle Paul makes the distinction clear. “[The world] lives as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their destiny is destruction” (Phil. 3:20). “But you are a chosen people … who […]

April Prayer Letter

April 2011 Happy spring, everyone! By the time this hits your hands, we’ll be weeks into the Lent Season and nearly to the celebration of Easter week! I write this with much contemplation and anticipation stirring in my heart. I want to share a reflection written by David Bayne, a Word Made Flesh staff member […]

March 2011.

March 2011 My dear friends and family, I want to share this reflection that Adam Thada, WMF staff member in El Alto, Bolivia wrote in January. It really made me think and I thought that it was also a great update of what is going on in the WMF Bolivia field. Peace & love, Liz […]