March 2011 Prayer Letter

Hello!           Well, it’s been two months since you last heard from me, so you’ve probably been anxious to hear what’s new. (If you haven’t been, please don’t tell me.) In order to satisfy your curiosity, here are some of the things that have happened in the previous two months. Year-end responsibilities have been successfully completed. […]

March Prayer Letter

March 2011 I am so sorry I didn’t get a letter sent out last month. I will attempt to make March’s letter twice as readable to make up for it! Today is Valentine’s Day. Well, actually, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and the day that you are reading this is probably March 3rd or around that […]

Apply for a fall 2011 Servant Team!

We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2011 Servant Teams! This fall the Servant Teams are going to our India, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Peru and Bolivia sites. Servant Teams are 4-month formation opportunities, which are offered in established WMF countries of service. Each Servant Team is comprised of 3 to 7 people who commit […]

March 2011 Prayer Letter

March 2011 Dear friends and family, Thank you so much for your prayers for me over the past few months. Again, I am surprised at how quickly the time has past.  It feels as though I was just writing an update to you, but then I realize that 4 months have passed. In many ways, […]

Feb. '11 Thada Prayer Letter

Dear friends and family, Living in community has been a new and unique challenge for us. It brings us both joy and at times sorrow. But it’s such a wonderful way to learn God’s mercy and grace. It’s similar, I think to family. Whereas we can choose our friends, community is like family in that […]

Jan. '11 Thada Prayer Letter

(We sent this letter to all the supporters and friends of N. American staff working in Bolivia. Because this is a public blog, I have omitted pictures and names. If you would like more information, just e-mail me.) Dear friends, Every week we visit the dank, grimy streets of El Alto’s red light district and […]

Dec. '10 Thada Prayer Letter

Dear friends and family, This weekend, we had the great opportunity to hike the Choro, an Inca trail that descends from the peaks of the Andes down to the cloud-forest Yungas. We started with a friend from language school (and a Canadian stranger who quickly became a friend) at the mountain pass, 16,300 ft high. […]

February 2011

  February 2011   Dear Friends, It’s the first weeks of January and I’m getting adjusted back to life in El Alto after spending two weeks in the US in December. The first week I spent celebrating Christmas with my family and the second week I spent in Atlanta at the Passion conference. Passion is […]

January 2011 Prayer Letter

Hello! With things at work moving along at a frantic pace, I thought it would be a good idea to step back for a bit and write an update. This being my first year-end at Word Made Flesh, I’m gaining more and more practice with time management skills. There are more donations coming in which […]

2010 Year End Giving Statement : A letter from Liz Ivkovich.

Dear supporters of Word Made Flesh, Thank you so much for your generous support in 2010! What a blessing you have been to us; we are so grateful for your partnership as we serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor! Would you like to receive your 2010 year end giving statement via e-mail? […]