Although countries may be on lockdown, WMF continues to be active, as staff members and friends help provide food, education, and resources for people in their communities.

Across the globe, people are facing increased hardship due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Word Made Flesh communities are located in places where people rely on daily wages to feed their families. Due to mandatory lockdowns, they are unable to earn a living and are unable to feed themselves or their families. In some places, social distancing is nearly impossible as people live close together and share kitchens or toilets. Women and children may find themselves at an increased risk for abuse as safe spaces are closed and tension runs high.

With all of these challenges, it may be tempting to despair. However, WMF staff members in communities around the world are reporting that God is very much still at work. Below, you’ll get to see a snapshot of the good work being done in WMF communities around the world.  And you’re invited to help! Make a difference by partnering with WMF COVID-19 relief efforts today. 


Today more families are receiving food support thanks to your generous giving! We will continue to provide this support as long as the government requires lockdown to protect the country and people are unable to work.

Help us provide staple foods and necessities to the local Kangondo community. Families have lost their access to income in this crisis and we are coming alongside local leaders to support the most vulnerable families.

Local leaders have communicated that there are over 2000 families in Kangondo needing ongoing food support. Help us come alongside workers who have lost their jobs and daily wages in this crisis. Giving is still possible!

Donate to Rwanda


When school closed on March 11, at least one parent had to stay home from work with their children. For day laborers, this means immediate loss of income and for single-parent families that means the only regular income is suddenly cut off. Most are hoping this will pass in a week, but evidence shows this crisis will deepen before it gets better.

You have the opportunity to help provide for these families. We are seeking 20 partners to make a one time gift of $250 or a monthly donation of $50 for the next five months. This will provide a package of essential food and household items, as well as offset costs related to loss of income (such as food, medicines, rent, and utilities).

Donate to Moldova


Due to the coronavirus, Romania has been on lock-down for more than a month. Covid-19 has affected us all, but some are especially at risk. Families whose breadwinners are day laborers and who normally live hand-to-mouth are now unable to work, and those who depend on them are desperate. Children, who would normally receive a nutritious meal every day at our Community Center, are no longer food secure.

We want to provide 75 bundles of staple foods for families who are food insecure. Each bundle of food costs $35. If 75 people will give $35, we can meet our goal. Will you help us by providing a bundle of food today?

Donate to Romania



Palabra Hecha Hombre has been in constant communication with our contacts and friends who live in extreme poverty on the edges of the city of Lima. We want to make sure they know that we are in solidarity with them through these difficult times. We have been offering critical information about government resources, doing informal counseling, and sharing prayer requests about the difficult journey we are all walking.

The Blessed to be a Blessing campaign offers critical supplies of staple food items to 150 households with informal workers who are not eligible to receive the Peruvian government’s economic stimulus bonus.

We are all living through difficult and challenging times. God is challenging us to press into what it means to be a good Samaritan to those around us. Here’s what I am asking- pray for this campaign. Help us out as you are able. Tell others about the urgency. And look around you – God will guide your steps towards those who are suffering.

Donate to Peru


The community of Kroo Bay trusts our organization due to our long-term investment in them. We have an ongoing COVID-19 Response Sensitization Project that is providing handwashing stations and information regarding prevention to the community. We recently started our Food Security Project, in response to the growing need for food, and high risk of starvation in Kroo Bay. We have been providing take-away rice meals to the children and youth in our community 4 times a week, and this specific project will be ongoing for at least the next 2 months. We are planning for the provision of emergency food prior to a lockdown should this occur at any point in the near future. 

Your gift can save lives and answer prayers in this community, which has been hard hit by the implications of COVID-19. Our goal is to raise $1500 CAD for the next two months so that we can continue to provide this life-saving food to the most vulnerable. Help us reach our goal.

Donate to Sierra Leone


Thank you so much to the friends who participated in the Food Campaign during the pandemic, helping to fill baskets for the families that are assisted through the Ester Project.  

Donate to Brazil


In recent weeks, we have distributed food and supplies to 72 families. Thank you for partnering with us to care for the most vulnerable during this uncertain time.

Donate to Bolivia