Merchandise photo credits: Shekinah Davis


I live out justice by constantly seeking knowledge and surrounding myself with people that are passionate about knowing how the world works and how we can work to change it for the better.


I’ve come to understand that ‘advocacy’ isn’t something you choose into. You’re perpetually advocating for something, whether you realize it or not. My passion is choosing to direct that innate action into something that reflects the love of Christ.


I am passionate about being an athlete and using my skills to help others.


I am passionate about equipping the marginalized and forgotten to dream big and move big. I am passionate about conversing about reconciliation, especially when it includes listening to those who previously had no voice. I am passionate about healing.


Justice is more than just actions of advocacy: it is giving and receiving life. Through cultural sensitivity and awareness that leads to action, I believe I can empower others to live their lives more fully. To help others live more fully is to remove barriers and change actions that degrade people groups in ways the privileged don’t often think about. I thirst for racial and gender equality in our world that privileges others over people of color and women.”

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