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La VIA Community Center for children-at-risk exists due to the generosity of friends who have  responded to our call since our beginnings in 2010!

Now the children have a place they enjoy and where they are accepted and valued!

We invite you to become part of our community through a contribution that will offer durability to our programs. Become one of 1000 people who will give 10 dollars for 6 months this year in order for our Community Center to continue to operate.

Your gift today offers a future for children-at-risk!

Thank you!


The community of Word Made Flesh Moldova strives for a transformed world in which each person is loved, valued, and empowered and has equal opportunities to integrate into and actively function in society.


WMF Moldova, A.O. La VIA, is a nongovernmental organization that builds community among the vulnerable and the marginalized: children and their families. We create a space of respect and hope, offering equal chances of holistic healing and recovery through an after-school program for children ages 8 - 16. All of the children that participate are from socially vulnerable families.

Our After-school Programs include:

Free hot lunch and snack, homework tutoring, moral-spiritual education, social skills,art, games, service learning IMPACT clubs and summer camps.

Facilities: children are able to use a hot shower, washing machine, to learn to sew and make greeting cards as well as use of computers.


  • Healing: We consider spiritual healing to be at the foundation of the healthy functioning of each person, providing trust and courage to integrate into society. We prize holistic healing, meaning full recovery in all aspects of the human being (physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual) that produces a sense of fulfillment and hope.
  • Integrity: By integrity we mean “whole character; the sense of dignity, justice and conscientiousness that serves as a guide in human behavior” (DEX,http://dexonline.ro/, translated from Romanian).
  • Action: In a world of indifference, we declare through our action that injustice is not right and that each person matters and has equal chances of a transformed life. 

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