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About Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. This calling is realized as a prophetic ministry for, and an incarnationalholistic mission among the poor. We focus our energy to make Jesus known among the poor while reconciling the church with the poor.

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Word Made Flesh is united in an intentional spirituality that is expressed through nine core values.

  • Intimacy-  We celebrate intimacy with Jesus to be our highest calling and our created purpose.
  • Obedience- We celebrate obedience as our loving response to the grace of Jesus.
  • Humility-  We celebrate humility before God and humanity.
  • Community- We celebrate community as a means for discipleship and service.
  • Service- We celebrate service as an expression of our fellowship.
  • Simplicity- We celebrate simplicity as a privilege in identification with Jesus and the poor.
  • Submission- We celebrate submission to Jesus, each other and the poor.
  • Brokenness- We celebrate brokenness as our responsibility in ministry among the broken.
  • Suffering- We celebrate suffering as a willing sacrifice in serving Jesus.

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