Dear friends,

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Esdrianne Cohen, Word Made Flesh Brazil Executive Director

What a transformation journey! Little did I know ten years ago when I volunteered to help at an orphanage that it would carry me to a deep understanding of God’s heart for the poor and to a major career change. I am the Executive Director of Word Made Flesh Brazil found in Rio De Janerio.

This work has been heart-wrenching and exhilarating. I feel the pain and frustration of women who have lost more than half their children. I see the overwhelming challenge women face while their husbands are in jail. I am sometimes first on the scene when an impoverished child is falling behind at school, and nobody knows how to help. I also see that as I walk with these women and their families, I am witnessing radical changes every day. There are over 50 women and children in our Esther Project fighting for their lives; discovering and growing a relationship with Jesus, trying to get educated and provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Our staff here at WMF Brazil is made up entirely of native Brazilians and because we serve in areas suffering under extreme fundraising, we are often unable to develop long-term sustaing partners that would help our ongoing work. We are so very thankful for the WMF Sustainability Fund.  This fund gives us access to partners like you who can help stabilize and provide opportunity for long-term growth to our communities around the world. Currently, the Fund is designated to help our community of WMF Brazil, and our goal is to raise $1500 of new monthly support. This will sustain our community. This will help us continue our important work. These funds will directly impact vulnerable people and give freedom, hope, and change.

You can be part of this change.

We’ve started the Sustainability Fund, which is designated to specific fields to create new businesses, jobs, and help sustain the already amazing work being done around the world. The Sustainability Fund will keep the doors of Word Made Flesh Brazil open.

Thank you for partnering with us-
Esdrianne Cohen