10 Year Anniversary

August 9, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings of grace, hope, and peace to you. Thank you so much for your generous faithfulness to Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone. Your sacrificial giving and prayers have helped to support many children in the Kroo Bay vicinity and youth coming off the streets. On behalf of the community, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude. You have been played an integral role in helping us reach our 10-year anniversary in Freetown.

We just finished a three-week-long holiday club for 50 children and teens focusing on the Advent Themes of peace, hope, joy, love, and Christ. We had a great time worshiping, acting skits, chatting in small groups, eating together, and making crafts. My favorite moments were during the prayer times. Many little ones confessed their sins openly in a safe environment, and then friends gently prayed for forgiveness and growth. It was precious also to watch them sitting serenely during silent Centering prayer.

Saturday we head off for camp in Lunsar (near Makeni). This week our theme is BEING A DISCIPLE. Alafia Cole (WMFSL staff) along with the Lighthouse leadership have done a great job organizing a great holistic program for 60 participants. Please pray that we could all be transformed by God’s grace.

Please continue to pray.
1. Kroo Bay families are really struggling. There has been an outbreak of cholera and a lot of flooding this month. One of our girls’ homes was washed away in the high tides while countless others have filled with trashy flood water.
2. Some of the Lighthouse youth are wrestling with deep issues at the moment. Please pray for wisdom, that we would know how to accompany them well. Please pray for the teens, that they would be overwhelmingly compelled by the grace and righteousness of Jesus.
3. The WMFSL ministry fund is the lowest it has been in years. Please pray that we will have enough funds to pay school fees for Kroo Bay children and Lighthouse youth in September, that we will be able to pay the rent for Alé Alé House of Hope in October, and that we would have enough for the daily expenses like rice and utility bills in the meantime.
4. Our community is facing a lot of transition in the coming months. We hope to welcome three new Sierra Leonean staff members who are currently interning with us. Sadly, we will send off three expatriates. Please pray that we could receive and part with grace, good communication, and gratitude.

Please do keep in touch. We would love to hear how you are doing, and what you are up to these days.

With love and respect,

Cami Goble

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