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Word Made Flesh Brazil, known as Palavra Encarnada, is called by God to offer a prophetic witness to the city of Rio de Janeiro, especially to those who struggle with and suffer from drugs, poverty, broken families and violence.

Brazil, a nation renowned for its rich cultural heritage and natural splendor, endures increasing challenges associated with poverty. Despite being one of the world's largest economies, the country contends with notable income inequality, limited educational and healthcare opportunities, the presence of urban slums (favelas), and social marginalization, particularly impacting vulnerable communities and rural areas.

Mission Statement

WMF Brazil are called by God to offer a prophetic witness to the city of Rio de Janeiro, especially to those who struggle with and suffer from drugs, poverty, broken families and violence especially women and children who live in situations at risk.

Brazil is a diverse country with energetic people, descended from various backgrounds including native Indians, African slaves, European settlers, and immigrants. It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America and is known for its natural wonders. Brazil is the fifth largest country with a strong economy, yet it faces significant wealth inequality. Rio de Janeiro, with approximately 9 million inhabitants, has a considerable population living in poverty, particularly in the favelas. In 2009, Word Made Flesh Brazil, known as Palavra Encarnada, was officially registered with the Brazilian government, and their first general assembly and board meetings took place.




Downtown Street Ministry

WMF staff and volunteers are in relationship with about 60 children, adolescents and young families who live on or frequent the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro. Ministry activities include soccer, art and educational activities, Bible teaching, worship and music, meals and prayer. WMF also assists in procuring necessary documents and government identification, as well as negotiating the legal system to assist families with people in jail or whose children have been taken away by social services.  WMF staff periodically make home visits to families who spend time or work on the street in an attempt to encourage and support lives at home.

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Women’s Center

The Esther Project, locally known as Projeto Ester, is a day center that exists to serve women on the streets of Rio, a place where women on the streets can care for themselves and their children.  Our motto is “Christ raising up women, women exalting Christ.” Women come to the center to participate in Bible study, games, art, education, and field trips. In addition, the center offers assistance with legal matters and documentation to those in need.

Partner Ministries

Projeto Vidinha is a Christian care home for adopted and at-risk children. WMF staff minister at the home as mentors and volunteers. The WMF sponsorship program, initiated in 2006, pairs children from the home with U.S.-based families who provide financial assistance. The children are supplied with basic necessities and educational assistance while opportunities are given for friendships to develop between the supporting families and the children.  In 2010, funding was provided for four children to attend school.  In addition, WMF assisted by providing school books, uniforms and supplies as well as nutritious food for the other twelve children at the home.Timonis is an after-school program located in a favela in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro. Ministering to children from the poorest and most dangerous part of the community, Timonis offers a variety of activities: Bible stories, art, music, recess time, snacks, tutoring, psychological assistance and home visits. WMF staff work in partnership with Timonis as street educators and teachers.


Brazil Blog

Faces of Love – Rosa’s Story

By emily | December 6, 2023

The Esther Project became a turning point for Rosa, a member of WMF Brazil Community, when she encountered the kindness of Val and Missionaria Dandy. Initially, Rosa came to the community with the intention of sharing her truth to secure a basic food basket. She received not only the essential provisions but also spiritual support…

Radical Hospitality is Courageous!

By WMF Brazil | November 6, 2022

“And he said, My  Lord, if now I have found favor in thy sight, I pray thee, do not depart from thy servant. Come,  fetch yourself some water, and wash your feet, and lie down under the tree; and I will bring a  morsel of bread; Build up your strength, and then you will pass…

From the Field Director

By WMF Brazil | June 22, 2018

We do not have in our hands the solutions to all the problems in the world, but in front of all the problems in the world we have our hands. We have our God to teach us more about his love. And, we stand united with the same purpose ❤ Photo taken at The Esther Project.