Ariel Alexander
Formation Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator

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An Argentine native, Ariel Alexander is naturally gifted in cross-cultural relations. As Formation Coordinator, Ariel trains all WMFB staff, volunteers and partnering churches in working with vulnerable populations. Her fluency in Spanish and English is valued for both written and spoken translation, as well as her passion and gift for teaching.

Ariel graduated from Baylor University with a B.A. in International Relations, with a focus on analyzing social justice initiatives within several Latin American countries. She completed an internship with the International Justice Mission in La Paz and is now completing a M.A. in Theological Studies, with the National University of Costa Rica and the Biblical University of Latin America. Ariel began working at WMFB in 2013.

Andrea Baker
Executive Director

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As leader, advocate, writer & speaker, Andrea is passionate about connecting the world’s realities to the world’s resources. The 2011 recipient of Epoch’s Outstanding Work in the Lives of Individuals, Andrea cares deeply about fighting sexual exploitation in all its forms and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Andrea first traveled to Bolivia in 1994, where she discovered a passion for missions and a heart for the poor. In 2001, she and her husband Andy began their service among the poor; after researching the area, they found a gaping need among prostituted women and founded WMFB.

Andrea has a BA in Applied Communications/Public Relations and an MA in World Missions and Evangelism from Asbury Seminary. She and Andy live in Bolivia with their four sons, where Andrea serves as Field Director for WMF Bolivia.

Gustavo Arraya
Graphic Designer

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Graphic designer, Gustavo Arraya designs all communication material for WMFB and SutiSana. After graduating in Bolivia with a Marketing degree and concentration in Graphic Design, Tavo worked for several advertising agencies, but felt called to use his skills for deeper impact and joined WMFB in 2017.

In between projects, he can be found leading worship or entertaining kids in the Children’s Program.

Yesmi Loza
Children's Program Coordinator

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Yesmi was born in 1989 in La Paz, Bolivia, and is the third of seven children. She studied Literature and Education Science.

In 2009, she learned about WMF and was invited to teach children. And in 2012, she was invited to teach the women language skills. She believes that the Lord gave her this training to learn to love and serve those most vulnerable since it was a time of seeing a reality she hadn’t known before. She became the Educator for the children’s program in 2014 and has great hopes that these children will have a life full of God because He will reveal Himself to them.

She is always smiling to others and serving with love in her heart, putting all her efforts to become better every day. The kids and teenagers look at her as a leader, which is making their mothers follow her as well.

Leny Luna
Social Worker

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Leny is a hard-working woman who loves helping women. She studied Social Work to be able to help those in need.

In 2013, Leny began volunteering in WMF Bolivia. She served faithfully with the children’s program, and the Lord gave her a deep love for the children. And in 2017, she was invited to join the WMF staff as a social worker for the women’s program. She knew that this role would be challenging but felt God confirm that ‘he supports who he calls.’ And looking back, she sees how God has been faithful and prepared her path to where she is now.

She loves to help everyone, but she has a special heart with the women we serve. Because of her initiative, we were able to increase our reach. She is always thinking “what else can we do” and that is an impulse for us.

Doris Monasterios
Director of Operations

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Doris was born in Bolivia into a Christian family with four sisters and a brother. She has always attended church, but her family has always endured hardships as well. In 2000, while doctors operated on her brother’s brain tumor, she first felt God draw near to her and felt a call to serve the people around her while her brother was in the hospital. In 2002, her father died, and she drew even closer to God as He filled the emptiness her father had left.

While working for her former organization, Doris didn’t feel at peace as she was asked to complete tasks that didn’t match her values or the plans God had for her life. During this time, she felt a calling from God to join the WMF Bolivia team. She served in administration for seven years and transitioned to the role of Executive Director in 2016. She is professional in accounting and administration, besides having more than 16 years of experience in the area

Jose Murillo

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José is from Coroico – Bolivia, a town in the beautiful jungle region outside of El Alto. He is a bachelor in Bussines Administration and he is in the administration area of Word Made Flesh Bolivia.

When Andy and Andrea Baker spoke on missions, and Jose learned about WMF Bolivia’s work with women in El Alto, he felt a strong desire to serve with the ministry, but it would be several years of waiting before the Lord brought into the community formally. During these years, José moved to the city and began serving in a local congregation. In January 2015, he joined the WMF Bolivia Administrative Team.

Ximena Poroma
Educator, Children’s Program

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Ximena was born January 25, 1991, she is the second sister out of 5 brothers and sisters. She studied Education Sciences and specialized in Educational Psychology because she loves sharing her time with children. She also studied secretariat. She met God at a very young age through her grandmother, who taught her to love and obey God, in good and bad times, putting her trust in Him led her to work in Word Made Flesh where she has learned and keeps on learning a lot.

She is working in the ministry since 2017. For her, this work is a great ministry in the community in which she grows both spiritually and professionally. She works in children’s area and has a bible versicle that always cheers here up “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Adriana Quispe

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Adriana was born in La Paz, Bolivia as the third of six children. She learned of WMF Bolivia through Yesmi, the current Children’s Program Coordinator, who was then a volunteer and led Adriana to begin volunteering with the children as well. Soon thereafter, Adriana began an accounting degree. This was a challenging field, but with God’s help she graduated with the highest grade in the program. After finishing her degree, she began volunteering with WMF Bolivia in Administration.

After three years as a faithful volunteer, she formally joined the team as full-time staff in March 2016. She is very thankful to be part of this family.

Sandra Quispe
Administration coordinator

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Sandra is one of the new group of members. She is in charge of the administrative area. Her skills as a leader and habilities as a professional make her the perfect choice for her role.

Sandra started working in march 2019, focusing her work on improving our systems and routines for a better organization and use of our resources. With her team, they improve the procedures and routines to make everything more clear and transparent.

Her previous experience and her bachelor in financial administration are what she uses to make our foundation better every day. Her knowledge of Bolivian laws and rules is amazing and she is always studying and keeping herself update on it.


Milton Alexis Paucara

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Milton Alexis, also known as Alex, is part of the team of educators at Word Made Flesh Bolivia. Before arriving, he was dedicated to several projects doing pedagogic interventions and music. Serving people in need take his to El Alto.

Since March 2019, he is been in charge of the teenager class at the NNAs (Children and Teenagers program in Spanish). His leadership with young people is amazing and many of the teenagers see him as a role model.

If he is not teaching or guiding his class, you will find him playing sports or singing with his students, making all of them part of the group.

Lorena Burgos
Advocacy Coordinator

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Lorena has been part of the WMF Bolivia team since 2019 and is member of the women’s program. She has a bachelor degree in Laws and populations in vulnerable situations, so she was interested from an early age in everything related to human rights and humanitarian law. She wishes to continue her academic training in International Development Cooperation.

Lorena speaks English, Italian and a little Portuguese because she wants to get to know the world doing what she likes, but it was in Word Made Flesh that she understood the enormous need to work for women’s rights in her country, that’s how she became part of this team, which seeks to give new life opportunities to the most vulnerable of the vulnerable.