Intl. Internships

International Internships are offered by WMF fields who want to invite a short-term volunteer for a specific purpose or timeframe. An internship with Word Made Flesh places you in communities around the world that are involved in incredible transformational work and offers the opportunity for community, formation, discipleship, and service.

Periodically, we will post specific internship job descriptions and locations.
We will also be glad to take general inquiries at any time.

To begin the process for an International Internship please:

    1. If you have questions about our internships, you can submit this Inquiry Form
    2. If you know when and where you'd be interested in interning, you can Apply Here
    3. You must also send out three electronic Reference Forms to the following: a professional (job) reference, a pastor or spiritual mentor, and a personal friend.

Once we receive your inquiry or your application & reference forms we will contact you as soon as possible. For detailed questions about this program,contact


Current Opportunities

We are excited to share about some of our upcoming international internship opportunities! Feel free to browse the specific internships below, but keep in mind they are constantly being updated. If you have other areas of interest we encourage you to still fill out an inquiry form and ask about opportunities to be involved!