Fight Like Jesus with Jason Porterfield

We are in the season of Lent, a time in which we rehearse Jesus’ walk to Jerusalem, his suffering, and his death on the cross. Often, we participate in Lent by giving up certain pleasures (i.e., meat, alcohol, chocolate, social media, etc.). Sometimes, believers celebrate by adding something to their daily practices (like silence, generous […]

This Giving Season, Join Us in Offering Radical Hospitality

Word Made Flesh Brazil currently serves over 120 families, providing assistance with food, clothing, supplies, and clothes – and continuous prayer. With over 9 million people living in Rio, there will always be more who need our Radical Hospitality. So in 2023, we hope to do just that by starting an after school program for […]

Caring for Ourselves so We Can Care for Others

We have learned that in order to give ourselves fully to the work of the LORD, it is necessary to take care of ourselves well. As Parker Palmer puts it, “Self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth […]

Living an Abundant Life

“Mfite ubuzima buzima.” I am living an abundant life. These words were spoken by Fiona*, a woman we have walked with for the last six years. We talk about our vision for abundant life for women all of the time, but to have these words being spoken without prompting from a woman who has endured […]

Supporting Refugees from Ukraine

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukrainian territory, which made peaceful citizens flee to nearest countries of Eastern Europe. The Republic of Moldova is one of them. 450,000 refugees have entered Moldova and approximately 100,000 have stayed in the country. Statistics show that currently 1 out of 8 children now in Moldova are Ukrainian. Almost immediately, […]

A Life Story Over a Cup of Tea

Lavinia accepted our invitation to spend an hour with us with enthusiasm, sharing her story over a cup of tea. It meant that she had to make an extra effort to wake up and go to work earlier so she could meet with us. On a normal day, she cleans the halls of apartment buildings, […]

Radical Hospitality is Courageous!

“And he said, My  Lord, if now I have found favor in thy sight, I pray thee, do not depart from thy servant. Come,  fetch yourself some water, and wash your feet, and lie down under the tree; and I will bring a  morsel of bread; Build up your strength, and then you will pass […]

Transition of Word Made Flesh leadership

As the Board of Word Made Flesh, we want to inform you of the transition of Clint Baldwin as the International Executive Director, as of the summer, 2022. Clint leaves Word Made Flesh positioned for continued growth, and we are deeply thankful for his many contributions and leadership during his time here. The Baldwin family has been an […]

BIG Announcement! Same passion, new name!

For over two decades, we have been honored to be a part of the Word Made Flesh community. We’re grateful for the deep and meaningful foundation they laid for us.  Word Made Flesh taught us the importance of deep identification with those on the margins, living in poverty. We learned to be shaped by our […]

Album Cover

New Album from Word Made Flesh Artist Ambassador Kellie Haddock

At Word Made Flesh we’re blessed to be supported by some incredibly talented people. One of those amazing individuals is Kellie Haddock. Kellies new album, Orchids From Fire, is inspired by the wild orchid that only grows after a fire. All twelve songs are bursting with hope! This powerful collection of songs will invigorate your […]