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WMF Moldova, locally known as LA VIA Community Center, creates a space of healing, integrity and action where children discover hope for a bright future.

Located between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is one of the smallest of the former Soviet Union’s republics. Despite its picturesque landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, Moldova is a country whose people are seeking to understand who they are and where they stand in the world after being tossed unrelentingly among the hands of multiple powers in recent history until gaining independence in 1991. LA VIA Community Center focuses its relief efforts toward providing a safe space with holistic programming for vulnerable children and families. This includes educational programming, spiritual formation, and more recent relief response for Ukrainian refugees.


Mission Statement

WMF Moldova builds community among the vulnerable and the marginalized: children and their families. We create a space of respect and hope offering equal chances of holistic healing through practical activities that contribute to their rehabilitation and integration into society.

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Read the latest news and notes from the field.

Read the latest news and notes from the field.

About our Programming

WMF Moldova is a nongovernmental organization that builds community among the vulnerable children and their families. This Community Center creates a space of respect and hope, offering equal chances of holistic healing and recovery through practical activities such as art, music, moral-spiritual education, homework help and counseling that all contribute to the children’s and families’ rehabilitation and integration into society.

Since March 2010, we have been carrying out our activity in partnership with a school in Chisinau through a special program of extracurricular activities for approximately 60 socially-vulnerable children. These educational programming includes literacy education, art, music and play therapy, activities that promote the socialization of the children (life skills, moral-spiritual education, outings in the city, positive discipline, nature discovery), development and encouragement of creativity, supplementary homework help and individual assistance for children who have difficulty reading and writing.


Moldova Blog

Supporting Refugees from Ukraine

By David Chronic | November 14, 2022

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukrainian territory, which made peaceful citizens flee to nearest countries of Eastern Europe. The Republic of Moldova is one of them. 450,000 refugees have entered Moldova and approximately 100,000 have stayed in the country. Statistics show that currently 1 out of 8 children now in Moldova are Ukrainian. Almost immediately,…


All Things Beautiful

By WMF Moldova | March 29, 2017

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. “(Ecclesiastes 3:11-12) It’s spring and nature is coming to…

With Love

With Love

By WMF Moldova | January 18, 2017

Dear friends, As most of you know, I have worked with Word Made Flesh for twelve years: six years in Romania and another six in Moldova. It’s amazing how time flies and as I look back I realize how wonderfully God has cared for all my needs over the years. He picked me up when I…


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