Supporting Refugees from Ukraine

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukrainian territory, which made peaceful citizens flee to nearest countries of Eastern Europe. The Republic of Moldova is one of them. 450,000 refugees have entered Moldova and approximately 100,000 have stayed in the country. Statistics show that currently 1 out of 8 children now in Moldova are Ukrainian.

Almost immediately, La VIA staff came up with the relief response to the families that need a safe place to rest, take a shower, have a hot meal and have emotional support. First families started coming in the beginning of March, seeking a peaceful and safe place for them and their children. The priority of the program was mothers and children.

We were able to manage our space in a way that moms and grandmothers could have a rest or be busy working on their documents, residency, refugee status, visas or looking for a job, while their little ones were having lots of fun activities at La VIA community center. 

As more families joined us, we felt a need in organizing family time and came up with the idea of having special evenings once a week apart from our main program. We cooked together with children and their mothers, which created a special atmosphere and helped them to feel relaxed and very welcome!  Please continue to pray for the fighting in Ukraine to cease. With your help we can ensure welcome, support, and care for displaced Ukrainians. Will you be a part of it?

Rachel Dyachenko