Living an Abundant Life

Mfite ubuzima buzima.” I am living an abundant life. These words were spoken by Fiona*, a woman we have walked with for the last six years. We talk about our vision for abundant life for women all of the time, but to have these words being spoken without prompting from a woman who has endured so much hardship was powerful.

Fiona is in her late fifties, but has lived a full and difficult life. She has raised 12 children (6 biological and 6 adopted) as a single mother, all while living with HIV. She runs a very popular produce shop, which gives her a steady income but also means long hours on her feet. Lately, Fiona has been complaining of chronic pain, and has been experiencing depression. Even the 15 minute walk to our ministry center has been too much for her, so we haven’t seen her at the savings group meetings for a few months.

Through our partnership with Iranzi Clinic, we were able to help secure better treatment and support for Fiona’s health issues. Christella, our Community Health Coordinator, has been accompanying Fiona on her clinic visits and has been sitting with Fiona outside of the clinic after their visits to pray together. One of our Kundwa Collective artisans, Louise, has also been visiting Fiona on the weekends to share encouraging passages of the Bible that she has been reading and pray with her. Louise recently shared Isaiah 53, and Fiona was moved by verse 4 which says that by Christ’s wounds we are healed. Louise prayed with Fiona to accept Christ into her life, and Fiona has experienced a miraculous healing since that moment.

Fiona’s life has been transformed because of being a part of a loving community, having better access to healthcare, receiving support for her business throughout COVID, and having access to free counseling. Your donations make all of these things possible!

Thank you. Fiona’s story is a testament to why we do what we do, and that it works. Abundant life for women is possible and we are seeing it happen every day.


Shelbye Renfro

Former Field Director

*  – Names are protected to protect identities.