Word Made Flesh International is a family of networked sister communities that share vision, staff, policy and funding.

Word Made Flesh, Inc. (WMF USA)

WMF USA is a 501 (c)(3) USA-based, non-profit organization. WMF USA serves as the administrative hub for the WMF International family of partnership members. WMF USA was registered on November 15, 1991.

Our Board of Directors

Steve Behnke
Board Chair

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Steve Behnke, MD, MBA has been a long time supporter of Word Made Flesh, having first learned about the ministry from while attending Asbury University during it’s earliest years. He received his MD and MBA degrees at the University of Louisville and subsequently trained in Internal Medicine at Ohio State University. Presently, he leads MedOne Hospital Physicians in Columbus, Ohio and is the Chief of the Section of Internal Medicine at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Steve lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife, Ashleigh, and their four boys.

Conrad Davies

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Conrad Davies, a son of Sierra Leonean immigrants to the United States, has lived a fairly multi-ethnic lifestyle, learning how to live in unity and reconciliation with many. Out of their experience, Conrad and his wife, Kandace, developed a seven-conversation model on how to effectively experience the journey towards unity and reconciliation called BE Reconciled: A Journey Towards Unity and Reconciliation (www.bereconciledlexington.com). The Davies have helped plant a multi-ethic, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic church in Lexington, KY called Every Nation Lexington Church (www.everynationlexington.org) under Every Nation global ministries (www.everynation.org).

Over the last 17 years, Dr. Davies has been an award-winning faculty member who has taught thousands of undergraduate students at a number of universities (presently at the University of Kentucky: https://ci.uky.edu/sis/users/conrad-davies). He is also the founder and lead consultant of Davies & Associates, LLC (www.daviesassociatesllc.com), a training and development organization in Lexington, KY, whose goal is to activate, cultivate, and empower people to reach their full potential. He is a Gallup-certified talent and strengths development coach (https://www.gallup.com/learning/certification/en/3923318/profile.aspx) and a commissioned minister. He, indeed, wears many hats.

Conrad has earned degrees in Chemistry, Religious Studies, Communication Studies, and Educational Leadership. His passions include studying the scriptures and spending time with the Lord, journaling, developing content that empowers others and helping people work out their problems. He lives and works in Lexington, KY, with his wife, Kandace, and their three world-changing children: Conrad, Jr. (CJ), Levi, and Sarah.


Gil Liu is Medical Director for the Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services. He is a Louisville, Kentucky pediatrician and member of the University of Louisville School of Medicine faculty.

He offers his medical philosophy: “My mission is to attain optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults. As a medical school faculty member, I bring clinical expertise, research, and education to bear on accomplishing these objectives.”

Gil serves as the current Chair for the American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatric Leadership Alliance, a globally recognized initiative to improve the leadership capacity of pediatricians and other health care providers.

He resides in Louisville with his wife and four children.

Jeremy Strayer

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Jeremy Strayer has taught mathematics, mathematics education, statistics, and statistics education courses in higher education since 1998. He holds a B.S. in mathematics education from Asbury University, an M.A.Ed. in curriculum and instruction from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and a Ph.D. in mathematics education from The Ohio State University. Dr. Strayer has secured over $1M in grant funding to support his teaching and research efforts. This work includes directing professional development institutes for in-service teachers, utilizing technology for mathematics and statistics instruction, and conducting research in undergraduate mathematics courses.

He has presented his work at more than 40 professional meetings and conferences over the years. Jeremy lives in Murfreesboro with his wife and three children. He enjoys running, listening to good music, playing the guitar, hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

Field Board of Directors

Word Made Flesh, located in Chennai, India is a registered society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. WMF India was registered in 1994. WMF India operates two children’s homes. The Home of Happiness is for destitute and orphaned children from AIDS- and leprosy-affected families, while the Home of Peace is for children with severe physical and mental disabilities.

Board members are:

Rev. Stephen Thangappa, President
Dr. and Mrs. Sabitha, Vice President
Rev. Vasihar, Secretary
Mr. G. J. Manohar, Treasurer
Mr. Gladsten, Board Member
Rev. Patrick Samuel, Executive Director
Dr. Thiruthuvadoss, Board Member
Mr. Manogaran, General Body Member
Rev. Rex Leonard, Board Member

Fundatia Cuvantul Intrupat, located in Galati, Romania is a registered Romanian Foundation. WMF Romania was registered on April 12, 2001. WMF Romania operates Casa Vale, a community center for street children and their families.

Board members are:

Mr. Adrian Buhai, Chairperson
Mr. Valeriu Mihai, Vice-Chairperson
Mrs. Charlotte Barbu, Secretary
Dr. Anna Burtea, Member
Mrs. Valerica Archip, Programs Director
Mr. Laurențiu Archip, Member
Mrs. Bogdana Bulugu, Member
Mr. Paul Rase, Member
Mr. David Chronic, Member
Mrs. Lenuța Chronic, Member

La Palabra Hecha Hombre, located in Lima, Peru, is a registered Peruvian association. WMF Peru was registered July 5, 2001. WMF Peru ministers to children, young adults and families from street contexts.

WMF Peru board members are:

Fabiola Vicuña President
David Bruggers, Vice-President
Rachel Langley, Secretary
Lilian Rozas, Treasurer
Cesar Ferryra, General Body Member
Martha M. de Espiritu, General Body Member
Jose Luis Palacios, General Body Member
Luis Guillermo Delgado, General Body Member
Anna Monteviller, General Body Member

WMF Burundi board members are:

David Niyonzima, President
Vital Sinzobatohana, Vice-President
Eugenie Gakobwa, Secretary
Charles Berahino, Treasurer
Prudentienne Habonimana, Councellor
Venant Hatungimana, General Body Member
Consolate Kaburo, General Body Member
Guido Nshimirimana, Member of Monitoring Council
Emery Irakoze, General Body Member
Felicity Ntikurako, Member of Monitoring Council
Edith Niyonsavye, General Body Member
Alexia Nibona, General Body Member
Elie Wayo, General Body Member
Esdras Ndayikengurukiye, Member of Monitoring Council
Epiphanie Hakizimana, General Body Member

La Palabra Hecha Vida, located in El Alto, Bolivia, is a Bolivian Foundation. WMF Bolivia was registered Sept. 6, 2006. WMF Bolivia operates La Casa de Esperanza (The House of Hope) community center for women in the commercial sex industry and their families.

Board members are:

Ms. Fineke Janssen Pietersen, President
Mrs. Cara Strauss Contreras, Acting Vice President
Mrs. Ximena Rodriguez Avila, Treasurer
Mrs. Betty Pinto Zoto, Secretary
Mr. Claudio Navarro

Palavra Encarnada, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a registered Brazilian Association. WMF Brazil was officially registered on March 7, 2009. Palavra Encarnada operates Projeto Ester (The Esther Project) community center for women and their children on the downtown streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Board members are:

Esdrianne Cohen – President
Olyene Quaresma – Vice – President
Deinealine Pereira da Silva – Secretary
Richard Nichols – Treasurer


Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone, located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, was registered in January 2009. The first official board meeting was held on September 12, 2009. WMF Sierra Leone makes decisions regarding the Lighthouse program for former street youth as well as the Good News Club for children of the Kroo Bay slum.

Board members are:

Noah Tullay, Chairperson
Cami Sigler
Reverend Moses Kanu
Joshua Duncan
Dr. Lynette Palmer
Raymond Boustany

La VIA was registered in Chişinău, Moldova in April 2011 as a nongovernmental organization. La VIA runs an extracurricular program for children from socially-vulnerable families who are living in residential institutions.

Board members are:

Adriana Ciobanu
Oxana Şutreac
Aliona Evtodiev
John Koon