Donor Resource Page

Making a donation through one of Bonterra’s Fundraising Pages is easy!

Simply navigate to the donation page you are looking to contribute to, and select the option for the amount you’d like to donate. (Some pages may also offer you the opportunity to enter your own donation amount as well.)

Once you’ve selected the amount you’d like to donate, press the “Donate” button and follow the prompts provided to complete the transaction. In some instances, new donors may be prompted to create a “donor account,” and returning donors will need to log in using their existing credentials.

New donors will be asked to fill in some important details, such as their name, billing address, and credit card details. If they are creating a donor account, that information will be tokenized and securely stored in your donor account for future use.

A donor account is a password-protected account that provides donors using Bonterra’s donation processing services to have a streamlined check-out experience.

A donor account allows the donor to save their information so they will not have to re-enter it moving forward, and allows them to manage their recurring donations, manage any Peer-to-Peer fundraiser pages they’ve created, and access their giving history.

If you are a recurring donor, you are prompted to create a password during the check-out process. If you help create a fundraiser, you are also prompted to create a password during the Peer-to-Peer fundraiser page creation process.

Donors also create donor accounts during the check-out if they opt to sign in with Facebook.

Any donor may choose to create a password-protected account, by going through the "Sign Up" prompt on the login page.

Donors may also create an account at the very end of the donation process after the donation has been completed.

You can log into your donor account at any time by going to the donation page directly, and clicking on the “Log In” button in the top-right corner.

As noted above, you can also log in any time you are in the process of making a donation through the page.

You can view your donation history when you’re logged into your donor account! You should be able to see a list of donations you have made through these donation pages on your donor account’s “dashboard.”

NOTE: This donation history may not contain other donations that were not made through Fundraising Pages, such as cash or in-kind contributions. For the most comprehensive donor history, please contact the organization directly.

A copy of your donation receipt will be automatically mailed to the email address you entered when making the donation.

If you don’t receive that email (or need it re-sent for any reason!), please us at for further assistance – we're happy to provide you with another copy.

Yes. Network for Good never sells, trades, or rents donor information, and our websites have strict security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of donor and donation data.

Additionally, many of our platforms give you the option to donate anonymously to an organization, if you prefer to not be publicly recognized for your contribution.

Yes, we can accept international donations on many of our platforms. You can give through PayPal - just note the staff or community to which your donation is designated.

You can also give through the staff or community's fundraising page. Occasionally we may run into issues associated with a cardholder's international bank - but the most common error that we see is that international donors fail to select the correct country, or do not provide card security code (CSC verification).

Additionally, international donors should note that our donation pages process donations in US dollars, so they will need to calculate the conversion rate for their currency prior to making a donation.

For any other donor-related questions, you can always call our office directly at 859-388-4848. If there is no one available to take your call, leave a message on the voicemail and we will promptly respond.