Life Together

  “Community… grows from [knowing] that we are alive not for ourselves, but for one another.” — Henri J.M. Nouwen   Our bodies jerk as we stop and start for each passenger along the road. It’s a bustling morning as cholitas with their pleated skirts and shawls climb in with babies and wares on their back. Businessmen […]

Choosing Radical Hope as Obedience

I have recently rejoined our Word Made Flesh community in El Alto, Bolivia after a time of maternity leave and sabbatical.  Sabbatical is intended to be a time of stepping back from the daily grind and automatic racing from one task to another in order to reflect, to be calm, to remove oneself and one’s […]

Humility in the Shark Tank

“How would you like to win $70,000?” We were initially excited when a few weeks ago we were asked to pitch SutiSana for a Bolivian version of the reality show Shark Tank, where we would be competing with 99 other Bolivian businesses for a $70,000 prize. SutiSana, a freedom business that employs vulnerable women, could […]

Coronavirus, and the World Shifts

I know that every single person reading this has already been affected by the coronavirus, whether you’ve been dodging the toilet paper brawls at Costco or are homeschooling your kids for the first time. The first two coronavirus patients were diagnosed in Bolivia on Wednesday, and already life has been turned upside-down. The day after […]

Remembering Why It All Matters

Often times, the day-to-day of life in ministry can become meetings, budgets, endless reports… I often struggle, especially during the first couple of months of the year when our programs are slower, to remember the real issue at hand. But it has a name. Several, actually. So let’s call it what it is: Exploitation. Slavery. […]

The Rescued Offering Rescue

We don’t love the word “rescue” in the context of prostitution and trafficking work, because the implication is that WE missionaries and social workers are doing the heroic and dangerous work of swooping in and carrying women away from this life, Indiana Jones-style.  That’s not what we do.  But Jesus DOES rescue, and it’s in […]

We’re Thankful

Our cities remain tense and unstable, and although we fluctuate between anxiety and fatigue, we also press on with hope and prayers for a better future. Our resolve to continue serving the most vulnerable has not changed. And so today, we wanted to share some things our community has expressed gratitude for in these days: […]


Pese a la situación que se vive en Bolivia, las sonrisas y las ganas de seguir trabajando junto a los más vulnerables nunca se acaban. Es así que hoy queremos agradecer a nuestro Dios por todo lo que Él nos ha dado. Muchas personas piensan que uno puede estar agradecido sólo cuando las cosas nos […]

Remembering Vivi

Today on All Saints’ Day we remember the deceased. Vivi* left us and her two young sons earlier this year. Born in the south of Bolivia, Vivi’s mother died before she even knew her. With an inattentive father and struggling in rural poverty, Vivi left Tarija for La Paz at 17 with hopes for a […]

Overcoming Challenges

When SutiSana hires a new artisan, we begin by explaining the challenges of learning new skills and techniques, which will likely be uncomfortable for a bit. Since so many of our artisans have never worked in professional settings or with industrial tools, they are stretched far outside their comfort zone for the first few weeks […]