A Safe Space

It’s not uncommon for our therapeutic groups or conversations with the amigas to get interrupted by the inner battle that they face daily — shortened breath, uncontrollable crying, dissociation, anxiety attacks, loss of hope…and so we make space. A safe space. I might lead her in a quick exercise, inviting her to pay attention to […]

If You’ve Never Been There, You’ll Never Know

When I began, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I had a general idea of what Word Made Flesh Bolivia did, but as days (and years) passed and I learned more about the reality they encounter, God taught me something.  These women can, in Christ, find their identity, and their children can break […]

Highlights of Summer

When we say ‘Highlights of Summer’ – we’re keeping in mind our North American readers!  June, July and August are chilly months in Bolivia, but also a great time of ministry growth.   June: This first half of 2018 saw immense growth in our women’s and kids’ programs and in order to celebrate and encourage […]

I live For Redemption Stories

I walked into a brothel last night. the light was dim, the music bouncing. hard porn covered the walls. urinals lined the entryway. the place reeked of urine, beer, & smoke. I see women lining the doorways just waiting to be chosen & my heart begins to break as reality sets in. I don’t even […]

We Can Go Further

It all began with prayer each day, seeking to know God’s heart and purposes.  I asked Him, “What do you want me to do?”  and He responded: “Go further, further, further.”  When I received this word from Him, I understood that there is much more out there and that we can go further to expand […]

Every new knock on the door…

I opened the door cheerfully and held it open expectantly! The nervous women in her 20’s didn’t push towards the stairs confidently, like most of the women who attend the Casa de Esperanza programs regularly.  They know this place as “theirs,” and they happily treat is as so. Instead, this woman stood back from the […]

Dancing Warrior

“God stand in this place! Settle in my heart, take Your place and come, reign in every corner of my heart,  be the Lord of my life, of my dreams, of my fears and my questions. May you be the center of everything, in every process, anoint my heart with your Holy Spirit, and pour Yourself […]

”I no longer have shame over my childhood”

A visit to Bolivia will take your breath away. Literally. When you fly into El Alto, Bolivia, you land at an altitude of 13,325 feet. Your body is taking in approximately 1/3 less oxygen than normal and it takes more energy and time to do the simple things, like walking through the airport with your […]

Tired & Happy

Friends, I’m so tired. But it’s so good. This week consisted of a lot of big moments right in a row — receiving an old amiga into the ministry center and talking through options as she comes out of a severely abusive domestic violence situation, inviting over 60 women in the red light district into friendship and accompaniment with […]


“I wish everyone would stop talking about him like he was a drug dealer and a gangbanger.  As if that makes it okay that he was killed.”   In the book, “The Hate U Give,” by Angie Thomas (Harper Collins, 2017 New York Times best seller), righteous indignation swells in the main character Starr over the killing of […]