Radical Hospitality is Courageous!

“And he said, My  Lord, if now I have found favor in thy sight, I pray thee, do not depart from thy servant. Come,  fetch yourself some water, and wash your feet, and lie down under the tree; and I will bring a  morsel of bread; Build up your strength, and then you will pass […]

From the Field Director

We do not have in our hands the solutions to all the problems in the world, but in front of all the problems in the world we have our hands. We have our God to teach us more about his love. And, we stand united with the same purpose ❤ Photo taken at The Esther Project.

Photos from The Esther Project

Brazil is a country of extremes. The streets are full of color and diversity while plagued with corruption and inequality. A carnival atmosphere turns to bloodyviolence when you cross unspoken boundaries. “In the middle of poverty and messy lives is precisely where you’ll find Esdrianne Cohen and her team at WMF Brazil. She and her […]

Esther Project

The Esther Project

The Esther Project (Projeto Ester) opened its doors on November 18, 2009. As a community center, we develop women of God through teaching and discipleship, and help to provide education, work, legal assistance, aid with documentation issues, and access to health care.We are called, as Esther was, to risk ourselves and to sacrifice for these women in danger.  We […]

Field History – Brazil

In the mid 1990’s Brazil was making international headlines for problems with children living on the street. While the population was exploding, horrific stories of abuse and massacre at the hands of renegade police and private security called attention to the injustice these children were facing. Word Made Flesh began to sense that God was […]

Fast Day Prayer: Brazil

This afternoon we video-conferenced with our staff members in Brazil. Our office fasts and prays for our staff members on the 1st and 15th of each month. God we come to you and thank you that you bring hope into the darkness. Be with us now, today and always. We are thankful for your work […]

Brazil Prayer Requests May 2009

1.  The Brazil field is having a meeting this week to see if our by-laws fit the requirements to register as a Brazilian NGO.  Please pray that it goes smoothly. 2.  Pray for our search for an office space and program center.  We have been searching for some time now without success but recently an […]


Dear Loved Ones,   Who hasn't said at the beginning of almost every year, “I can't believe another one has gone by already!”  Or maybe you've thought, “Wow!  I'm glad that year is over!”  I've felt both about 2008.  Like most years, it was a year of ups and downs.    If I had to […]


      Your wound is as deep as the sea.  Who can heal you? Lamentations 2:13   Our wounds are deep, as deep as the sea.  They cut through my own heart.  I see them everywhere in this city that I live in.  You must have them too.  Who can heal us?   In […]