Dear Loved Ones,

The season of giving thanks is once again approaching.  Here, far away from our families, gatherings and traditions, it's easy for us to grumble and complain.  Many of the sacrifices that we make to live and work in Brasil become more apparent during this season of being and celebrating with families and loved ones.  We will miss being with so many of you, laughing and living memories, eating delicious foods that we crave, watching football, playing games, worshiping together at church. 


And yet we have so much to give thanks for this year:


A strong and loving God who has seen us through both the joys and heartaches of this year A wonderful WMF retreat, visit to the US, and visit to WMF Nepal A healthy and lively Anna A regular group of Brasilian volunteers doing street visits with us One friend from the streets who finished a drug treatment program and is successfully working and living at home A gifted and unique team of coworkers  A loving and faithful group of prayer and financial supporters


We are so thankful for each of you and the unique ways that you support us.  Whether it's praying for us regularly, sending e-mails to let us know that you're thinking of us, bringing us and our work before your church body, having us to your home for dinner while we're in the US, giving regular gifts to our support account, calling on the phone, sending us birthday cards, wanting to know more about our ministry, or coming to Rio for a visit (hint!hint!), you have supported us in so many ways this year.  Without you as a part of our community, the WMF Brasil community would not be sustainable.


We are also full of gratitude for the ways that the Lord has been moving in our work on the streets.  For the past couple of years we have been praying for stronger Brasilian involvement in this ministry.  This year, we have welcomed a part time employee who has dedicated herself to street ministry and about five volunteers who faithfully serve on Monday nights.  We are excited about this growth and hopeful about where the Lord will use these new friends.


So this year as we celebrate and give thanks, we will surely miss all of the great things about this holiday and you.  But we will also remember and thank God for all that He has done in our lives and all of the loved ones that He has given us here in Rio.  We will enjoy our turkey, stuffing and apple pie, and we will ask God to continue to remind us of everything that we have to be grateful for.




Rich, Rebecca & Anna Nichols

Rich.nichols@wordmadeflesh.com   Rebecca.nichols@wordmadeflesh.com