Dear Friends & Family,


Thanksgiving is coming soon and I know that you are all busy planning your celebrations and get-togethers.  While we always miss being there with you, we will be helping to put on a big Thanksgiving dinner for some of our American friends here in Rio.  One tradition that we began the first Thanksgiving that we spent in Rio (and a tradition that many North American families do on this special day) is to allow each person the opportunity to share one or two things that they're grateful for.  In this way, we lift up our praises to the Lord from whose hand we have received all of the gifts we will celebrate.  In years past, we have been thankful for our daughter Anna, good friends who help to fill the void of family being so far away, the kindnesses of those around us, our safety, and the ways that the Lord has worked in our ministry.  This year I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Projeto Vidinha.


Many of you are already familiar with Projeto Vidinha (PV) because you are child sponsors or you've heard us speak about this ministry one Sunday while we were visiting the States.  For those of you who don't, PV is a Brasilian ministry that serves as home to about fifteen children.  We have been partnering with them in various ways since 2004, the year that we moved to Rio.  Two years ago, we began a sponsorship program to provide more practical help for the children of PV.  In addition, we serve as volunteers at the house cooking meals, helping with homework, making sure that chores get done, shopping for groceries, coordinating birthday parties twice a year, organizing field trips, fixing things around the house, doing art projects and the like.  There's hardly ever time to sit still during our time at PV!          


As I look back over the past year and the time that we have spent with these precious children, I smile and remember the blessings that we have experienced together.  There are so many moments with these children that I'm grateful for:


-Having fun with the Servant Team and two teenage girls at a sleepover.  We spent the night painting nails, eating brownies & popcorn, and watching girl movies!

-Being asked by the kids if they can help me by peeling the garlic or washing the veggies for lunch.  It's messier when they help, but lots more fun!

-Seeing kids excited about doing math problems.  I couldn't write them up on the board fast enough!

-Going to the bookstore together to pick out books for one child to read.  She didn't want any thin books because she devours them too quickly!

-Correcting one boy's English homework and not finding a single mistake.  He loves to practice English with anyone who will listen. 


Please keep these children in your prayers.  We appreciate those of you who have faithfully sponsored Projeto Vidinha children for the past two years.  If you are not currently a sponsor and are interested in participating, please fill out the form on the back of this letter so that we can be in contact with you.


Know that we are so grateful for each of you who help to keep our ministry going through your prayers and your gifts. 



Rich & Rebecca Nichols


Rich.nichols@wordmadeflesh.com     Rebecca.nichols@wordmadeflesh.com

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