Mothers are Heroes | A Story from our WMF Community in Rwanda

We have been friends with Consolee for several years. She owns a successful fruit shop on a main road with a lot of traffic where she sells the best bananas around! Whenever we walk by her shop, she’s always sitting outside to greet us with a big smile, with her newborn baby tied to her […]

Choosing Radical Hope as Obedience

I have recently rejoined our Word Made Flesh community in El Alto, Bolivia after a time of maternity leave and sabbatical.  Sabbatical is intended to be a time of stepping back from the daily grind and automatic racing from one task to another in order to reflect, to be calm, to remove oneself and one’s […]

To be a Friend of Peace

The other day, in our International Office prayer time, we encountered a poignant statement from our reading in Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals. The statement echoed lines we earlier read from Psalm 120, “Too long have I had to live among the enemies of peace. I am on the side of peace, but when I […]

Humility in the Shark Tank

“How would you like to win $70,000?” We were initially excited when a few weeks ago we were asked to pitch SutiSana for a Bolivian version of the reality show Shark Tank, where we would be competing with 99 other Bolivian businesses for a $70,000 prize. SutiSana, a freedom business that employs vulnerable women, could […]

Christ our Hope

  Easter Sunday is one of my very favorite days of the entire year. It is so filled with celebration, hope, and life. Yet, there are times when proclamations of victory over death seem a little more challenging to believe. What an odd era to be living in: this time of already, but not yet, when […]

A Time to Heal

By Anna Monteviller, WMF Peru Director We often say something like, “everything is in God’s hands,” but our daily lives and the relative control we have over how we spend our days convince us otherwise. But today, maybe more than ever in our memory, most of humanity’s daily schedule, routines and freedom of movement are […]

Faithfulness over Results

by Clint Baldwin, Executive Director We had included this reflection in a monthly newsletter to our staff but wanted to make it available to friends of Word Made Flesh as well. Thank you for partnering with WMF and being a part of God’s work to bring healing, hope, and peace to our neighbors in need around the […]

New Charitable Donations Deduction

  We are so grateful for all the ways you partner with Word Made Flesh, including through your financial donations. We know that COVID-19 has created extra financial hardship for many of our friends. We want to let you know that the US Government has passed the CARES Act to help mitigate these challenges, greetings some extra […]

Coronavirus, and the World Shifts

I know that every single person reading this has already been affected by the coronavirus, whether you’ve been dodging the toilet paper brawls at Costco or are homeschooling your kids for the first time. The first two coronavirus patients were diagnosed in Bolivia on Wednesday, and already life has been turned upside-down. The day after […]