We’re Putting Down New Roots

Early in the month of December as we decorated our artificial Christmas tree one fifth grader exclaimed with delight as she hung the last ornament, “How beautiful!” then added pensively, “We don’t have a Christmas tree at home.” As we plugged in the lights, a second grader came into the room and drew close to […]

The 17 Year Old Designer

When I first met M. she was a 12-years-old and in fifth grade. I thought to myself, “Oh boy, here is some trouble.” Spontaneous, active, restless, and flirtatious, I had a sense that this amazing little lady could be headed into a trap if she didn’t have a safe place to blossom. I thought I […]

Eager To Create

As we work on “Life Skills” with our adolescents we have developed a sewing program, offering youth a chance to discover their talents and express their creativity. We recently received a new sewing machine from USA sponsors and now I (Rodica) can teach three students at once rather than just two! We sew bags, purses, pencil […]

New Beginnings

by Adriana Ciobanu The first day of September is associated with a new beginning.  Children return to school as a myriad of thoughts and emotions overwhelm them: new hopes of doing better, of success, and the desire to write well for their teachers. This beginning of September is even more special for the children of […]

At the table

This summer I (Rachel) finished reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, a delightful work in every way. One simple account of a meal with the race of elves caused me to stop and ponder: “Such loveliness in living thing Frodo had never seen before nor imagined in his mind: and he […]

5 Things We Love About Moldova

When someone thinks of France, the imagination runs wild; at least mine does! I like to picture myself sitting under the Eiffel tower, sipping cappuccinos at a cute little cafe, while the smell of freshly baked bread fills the air and maybe a skinny man with a long waxed mustache and a striped shirt rides his bicycle through the cobblestone […]

The Last Bell – Summer Camp with WMF Moldova

by Rachel Simons Dyachenko The last bell rings and all rush into the warming sun as children of WMF Moldova lay aside heavy backpacks for three months of summer freedom. For the little ones, a year of hard work in reading and math skills is finally rewarded with long days of running free. For the 9th […]

Treasures in Heaven

by Violeta Moraru I am blessed that you stand with me in prayer for our ministry. I am thankful to the Lord for His care and guidance during these months since my last letter. I would like to share with you about what we have been up to and about the needs of the children […]


by Adriana Ciobanu During this last month of the year I feel challenged, of course, to look back at the year that has passed, the moments of joy and encouragement, but also those of sadness and despair. I pause especially with Luke’s Gospel, which speaks an exceptional testimony about Jesus – the man who was […]