WMF Thailand

Why Are We Determined ?

The tournaments are over BUT our friends and family are determined for us to reach our financial goal, which is awesome, so we decided to extend our efforts through October 31st!  It IS possible for us to reach our goal with your help. ANY amount will make all the difference so please use your resources and connections to […]

Dream Big

Dreaming Big

Just outside the Bangkok City limit, there is a little church called Amen Church. Its doors are open every weekend to the surrounding community, welcoming kids of all ages into the fun of Kids’ ministry and English language learning. Creative Life Foundation has partnered with the pastor, Khun Plaa, for about eight years to bring […]

Life Here

Life here in Bangkok is all about the little moments. It’s pausing to look around in the park and seeing my Thai friends teaching taekwondo to a class of 20 children from low-income families, the elderly group over by a cluster of trees doing tai-chi in yellow shirts, a handful of young parents watching their […]

Big News

Big News!

Hello friends from around the world, I’m not sure if you heard, read or If you receive Word Made Flesh Thailand’s monthly newsletters (Subscribe Here) -either way we have BIG news (and a bit of explaining to do) Here is what we wrote last week. “Word Made Flesh Thailand (Creative Life Foundation)  IS MOVING!  Of course […]


Read Our February Newsletter- WMF Thailand

Hello friends from around the world, It’s February, and if you live in Bangkok, the color red can be seen all over the city! Red lanterns hung for Chinese New Year. Our spirits are high because the temperature in Thailand dropped this week, I wish I could say our cheeks and noses were also red […]

A Lenten Reflection

I don’t like darkness. In all my best dreams, I’m in a grassy, wide open field with the morning sun on my face. I do not like Lent, the 40ish days in the historical church calendar plopped in-between Epiphany and Easter. I’m an Advent girl, with it’s candles and hope and weight – but not […]


I LEFT THAILAND about 1 month ago, but it seems much longer. Life is slower when you live at home and don’t have a job.  Culture shock is real and I’ve been experiencing it, whether obviously or subtly. Thankfully, I’ve had plenty of time processing with friends who (for whatever reason) are more than willing […]

Mina’s Whole Foods

Mina Thapa arrived in Thailand in 2008. Unable to find work in Nepal, she left in search of an opportunity to provide for her family. Mina had been promised a job in Bangkok but upon arrival, she learned that she had been swindled and found herself without proper identification, a visa, or a way to make money. Alone and in search of […]

Hope Takes Risks

For the last seven years, our team has built relationships with children and youth who sell flowers, gum or shine shoes in Bangkok’s notorious red light districts. Word Made Flesh Thailand has responded primarily through education. The education program meets the children’s physical and emotional needs by creating a safe learning environment and opportunities to grow […]

The Not So Simple Life

While in college, I spent many hours reading books like Christopher Heuertz’s Simple Spirituality. It was through these powerful stories and the experiences of others that I had come to idealize and glamorize what a life of simplicity, generosity, and compassion could really look like. It wasn’t until I began my internship at Word Made Flesh […]