August 2008

August 2008 Dear Friends, As I sit here, sweating a little, a fan is blowing around the humid air, and a gecko just crawled across the wall. Sipping on tea to sooth my cold. I am amazed at where we are. I can't believe that a month ago we were dreaming about what this would […]

May 2008 Prayer Letter

"God always calls. To hear his call and allow that call to guide our action requires discipline in order to prevent ourselves from remaining or becoming spiritually deaf" Henri Nouwen   Dear Family and Friends, In the book of 'Luke' we are reminded of the costs of being a follower of Jesus, the costs of […]

April 2008

                                                                                                            April 2008   Dear Friends and Family,                   The life that Tim and I have been called to comes with a unique blessing that we are only now beginning to truly feel and as the time for us to leave comes and we are living on the field we will truly […]

March prayer letter

Dear Family and Friends, As I begin to write this I am filled with joy and excitement because of all of the amazing things God has been doing since the last time I wrote. Amy and I are seeing the outcome of all of your prayers and are overwhelmed by Gods divine power! We are […]

December 2007

Dear Family and Friends,    As the New Year approaches I am reminded of how God has blessed our family through out the year. Our greatest gift this year was given to us on March 16th of 2007 when Ella was born. I am happy to announce that in 2008 God will once again bless […]

October prayer letter

Friends,                   We really hope that this letter finds you all well.  As we gear up for the cold fall and winter here in Boston, we are realizing that our departure for Thailand lurks not too far beyond this winter.  As friends make plans for this time next year we realize we […]

Senders Series: Moral and Communication Support

August 2007 Dear Friends and Family, I am writing you this months letter with so much excitement and inspiration! We have just returned from the Word Made Flesh staff retreat in Nebraska, and it was amazing. It was such a great time of learning and fellowship, we feel like we have so much energy and […]

Senders Series: Prayer

            June 2007   Dear Family and Friends,               We are excited to be writing to you again and hope that you have received and enjoyed our previous letter.  As we stated in that letter we are now beginning the "Serving as Senders" Series, the series will include six ways in which you can serve. As […]

The Need For Senders

                                                              January 2007 Dear Friends & Family, This truly is an excited time for us in our life.  We are not only getting ready to welcome our little girl into the world, in just a short few weeks but we are in a way birthing our ministry as well.  We are in the final […]