Langley family July 2009 update letter

July 2009


Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We are thankful for all of you and the different ways that you support us and love us across the miles.  By the time many of you read this letter, we may have already seen you or talked on the phone.  In a few short days we will be wrapping things up here in Lima ready to travel on July 1st to Ohio.  The majority of our visit will be spent in Ohio, but our itinerary also includes a short trip to Kentucky (July 5,6) to renew our driver’s licenses, and a family vacation to Myrtle Beach with some of Rachel’s side of the family (July 18-25).  We look forward to our visit after 18 months in Lima!

When we make US visits we are taken care of so well by so many, and so many of the expenses that we normally incur in Lima are reduced, such as our daily food bill!  However, as the general cost of living is higher in the US and our budget is set for life in Peru, we appreciate your ongoing consideration of our situation and your financial support while we are in the US during the month of July.

As you can see from the pictures, we both started and finished the demolition since the writing of our previous letter.  The new contractor and his crew worked diligently, and safely, and we actually wound up paying them a bonus for finishing 10 days earlier than they themselves had planned.  While we were still waiting for our demolition license, we had the crew paint the whole first floor of our center which you can appreciate in the photos.  Quite an improvement we must say!

Isabel and Natalia are getting very excited to travel and see our extended families and friends in the US.  As with any long trip with families, there is a certain stress, so we appreciate your prayers for us, and for our girls in a special way, as we travel.

We look forward to seeing you, or hearing from you, very soon.

God bless,


The Langleys

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