November Prayer Letter

Dear partners in prayer,

I count myself blessed to have you pray for me in this ministry. I am grateful to God for His provision and His guidance these few months since I last wrote to you.

September marks the beginning of the school year in Romania. 10 new children have been admitted in our program at the Community Center. They are all first graders and what has recently been known as “zero graders”. The enthusiasm and the joy that these children showed when they began the school year were so contagious for us all. They constantly remind us about being happy with the simple things in life and to be grateful for every little thing. Our Community Center assists an unprecedented number of 49 children. It is to them that we try to profess Jesus trough our lives. I must confess that they are my teachers more than I am theirs.

We started renovating the bathroom at the center in August. The work has just been over in October. All faucets and showers were beyond repair. Everything has been replaced. The new setting gave us more space and we now have an extra shower cabin and a new toilet cabin. This means a lot to our growing number of children,

Below are a few pictures. I hope you can get the idea 🙂

poza nov

Every year we file documentation to the City Hall in order to obtain a Governmental fund that is directed to NGO’s. Every resource is valuable to us. Last year all the funds went to organizations that were not entirely legal. It is our hope that this year will be different and that we will be able to receive this money.

Our community was recently blessed by Frank Summers’ from the UK. Frank is a dear friend to all of us. This year he helped with some of the repairing in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. You can tell when Frank comes to visit because there are always visible signs of his presence at the Center. We are grateful for him.

Our ministry is primarily spiritual. We serve Jesus through what we do. That is why we depend on being filled with His presence and being guided by Him. We start our day with an hour of prayer and meditation. Our community gets together in our little sacred space we call “chapel” to pray, sing, read and share with one another. Each of us is encouraged to set aside four days of personal retreat every year. It is not vacation time, but an intentional period we choose to stop from our work and admit that the ministry can function without us. It is a time for solitude, meditation, contemplation, reading, relaxation and rest. We are also accountable for this time to our praying partner with whom we meet once a month.

Pray with me so that:

–       I can clearly hear God’s voice;

–       The new children would adapt to the program at the Center. Pray for their healing;

–       C. a friend of ours, would find a safe place to live;

–       Frank Summers would have safe trip back to England;

–       We would receive the funds we applied for.

Grateful for you and your prayers,

Bogdan Chelariu

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