Praying together on October 1st

The Word Made Flesh community has traditionally set aside two days per month, the 1st and the 15th, to pray and fast for those who are vulnerable and in poverty, for our communities, and for the church.

This coming month on October 1st, we are setting the day aside to pray specifically for the Word Made Flesh communities. We are moving through profound transitions, and we are facing significant challenges.

We invite you to join us on this day of prayer. As we are able, we will post prayer points on our website. Here are a few for our community in Romania:

Thanksgiving for:

–         Our week of camp

–         Our summer Discovery Team

–         The 20 new kids in our Centers

–         Our daily bread (we are able to serve about 50 meals per day)

–         For the increasing involvement of the parents in the lives of their children

–         Our community, friendships and mutual support

–         The ways in which we see God working in the small ways in and beyond our community

–         The enthusiasm and joy that the children bring

Praying for:

–        Sensitivity to follow the movement of the Spirit

–          The emotional healing of the children

–          The physical healing of one of our boys who will have an operation on his lower intestine

–          Wisdom and creativity to overcome our financial deficit

–          We are launching a club for at-risk teens in our neighborhood. We are praying that the teens will acquire life-skills and positive values and that they come to the Lord and become part of a local congregation.