The Power of Home

So. very. thankful.

I deeply want everyone to have welcoming home spaces shared with others who lovingly exclaim in all manner of ways, “you are cherished,” “you are welcome,” “you are celebrated,” and importantly, “we are us!” As we all know, not all spaces meant to be home are as they should be. For many, what is supposed to be home is harm. Let’s all, each of us healthily integrating such care into our own patterns and practices, seek to change this.

Please pray with me that each of us might, through the actions of our lives and the words of our mouths, be given grace to redemptively share the concept of home as help, hearth, health, and healing. And may our visions and practices of home overlap so extensively that wherever anyone goes they find not an absence of home, but rather a variation of its expression so that beautiful forms of care are always being found and always being shown.

(Drawing: Dr. @sarahthomasbaldwin 🏡👏❤️)

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