Tim Hupe



When my girlfriend (at the time) told me she wanted to move to Thailand to work with women who were sexually exploited, who knew that we would be here 8 years later!

In 2004 I went on a three-month internship with WMF and visited Thailand, India and Nepal. It was in India that I really felt God calling me to follow Him and serve overseas. It was then that my heart not only started to shape like my wife’s but God’s. My heart began to break for the poor especially the de-humanized and exploited.

I love that I am Serving God in Thailand, I love that I am here with my wife and two crazy kids.

“Because we believe that all lives are intrinsically valuable and because all are created by God in the image of God, we as Christians must respond when that image is devalued, threatened and assaulted. Exploitation of any kind mocks the image of God.”

Amy Hupe



Amy Hupe was born in Waltham Ma, USA a small city just outside of Boston.  She is the 3rd of 6 children and considers her siblings her closest friends.  She married Tim Hupe in 2002 and they have 2 young girls;  Elijah 4 and Arielle 3.  Together they moved to Bangkok in 2008 to pioneer the Word Made Flesh presence in Thailand.

From a young age Amy felt a deep awareness and connection to Jesus.  This relationship buffered, guided and led her through many difficult years, eventually bringing her to a Servant Team experience with Word Made Flesh in Lima Peru.  During this time Amy felt the call deeper into service in Thailand, particularly to create safe space for healing from the trauma of sexual exploitation.  Since living in Thailand Amy has had the opportunity to see this dream begin to come true and hopes to be part of creating more opportunities for peace, safety and beauty within our city.

Molly Evans



Molly is from Flagstaff, Arizona. The oldest of three girls, she was brought up in a solid, Jesus-following family. Growing up in the church, Molly was familiar with the idea of missionaries, the cool stories they told and the exotic places they came from, but never considered herself cut out for anything like that. God thought otherwise and continued to surround her with men and women sold out for God. At the same time, through short term ministry trips to inner-city Los Angeles, Mexico and Ecuador, He cultivated a deep passion for working with children which led her to pursue a degree in elementary education. God directed her steps to Bandung Alliance International School in Bandung, Indonesia where she student taught and later became the 4th and 5th grade teacher. During her four years there, God exposed Molly to what He was doing among the poor and broken and began to stir in her heart a desire to be more on the front lines of ministry. A copy of The CRY, given to her by a co-worker, introduced her to Word Made Flesh and on a trip to Bangkok during a school break, she looked up Tim and Amy Hupe. She was inspired by their vision and they were seeking to add to their team, so she said goodbye to Indonesia and the traditional classroom and participated in a six month internship in early 2012. It was the most intense six months of Molly’s life–being exposed to poverty and exploitation more deeply than she ever had before. Despite the challenges, she couldn’t shake the desire to want to be a part of what God was doing here nor could she get the faces of the precious kids she had grown to love out of her mind. Molly has returned to the WMF Thailand field to continue learning to love the poor and watch God impact lives through the powerful tool of education.


Mina Thapa



Mina Thapa was born in a rural village in Nepal. In just 35 years of life Mina has lived and survived more than, and midway through this journey she joined our Thailand team,and since 2009 she has become the heart beat of who we are. Her wisdom, dedication to human life and deep compassion are gifts to our team. In partnership with Amy Hupe, Mina created and runs the small business MINAS that sells artesian foods locally. As well as helping to fund the Creative Life Foundations, MINAS creates jobs and jobtraining opportunities for marginalized women.