Have a group interested in visiting one of our fields?
A Discovery Team might be a great option!

Discovery Teams are 2-5 week trips that are heavily exposure based and discipleship oriented in their design. WMF does not create Discovery Teams as “work trips” or “ministry teams,” but more specifically as discovery opportunities.

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: Teams Are Forming Now for 2018! (see below)

Current Discovery Team opportunities available for university students (price includes airfare):
For 2018:
          Rwanda – May 7-24, 2018 (Cost: $3,400, including airfare)
          Romania and Moldova – May 22 – June 9, 2018 (Cost: $2,300 plus airfare)

WMF invites churches and schools with whom we are in relationship to initiate these teams. WMF will only allow Discovery Teams to be comprised of members from the same church, school, or college/youth group. These groups must be able to commit to team training prior to departure and team debriefing and follow-up after the Discovery Teams.

WMF will generally utilize the same criteria used by the Servant Team program for participation on Discovery Teams (for example, applicants need to be at least 18 years old).

Discovery Teams need to be planned, scheduled, and contracted at least 4 months prior to the day of departure. The decision to plan and approve Discovery Teams is made by the Short Term Programs Coordinator and the Field Director of the WMF field that a proposed Discovery Teams hopes to visit.

The cost of each Discovery Team trip varies depending on the country and the size of group. These costs will be finalized and included in the contract. The costs include round-trip international airfare, airport tax, domestic travel within the country the team is serving (trains and flights), conveyance, housing, food (including meals and safe drinking water), minor medical, ministry, hospitality honorarium, administrative, processing and other miscellaneous or incidental costs incurred by WMF. The cost does not include immunizations, passport, visa, overseas travel insurance, required resources, the non-refundable deposit or spending money.

Once a team is approved (the $300 deposit has been received by the USA office and the WMF Contract has been signed by all parties involved), WMF will work with the team to prepare for their departure including emergency forms, suggested reading materials, and other resources for cross-cultural ministry.

If you have further questions about Discovery Teams we’re happy to help! Please contact us.