Servant Teams are 2 to 4-month formation opportunities, which are offered in established WMF countries of service. Each Servant Team is ideally comprised of 3 to 7 people who commit to live and serve together, under the leadership and guidance of a WMF staff member. We hope you will consider participating! You may not know the other members of your team before arriving in country, but you will be spending the entirety of your time with them. We think this offers you a great way to bond with other team members as you have your shared experiences. It offers a natural support system, along with the staff on the field, as you process through your experience.

The Servant Team experience includes elements of community, discipleship and formation, and ministry.  During the experience we seek to:

  • Celebrate the person of Jesus Christ
  • Clarify and contextualize a biblically based world view
  • Develop a foundational philosophy of Christian ministry
  • Re-interpret our spirituality in the context of a dying world
  • Develop a firm relationship with the local church
  • Learn to function in culturally appropriate ways in the majority world

Current Opportunities

Spend your Summer or Fall with a Word Made Flesh community!
**Application deadline for Summer 2017 is April 30, 2017**

Apply Online Today!

Where: Chisinau, Moldova
When: June 1 – August 30, 2017
Cost: Approximately $4,750/team member (includes airfare)

Where: Lima, Peru
When: Summer 2017
Cost: TBD
*intermediate or proficient level of Spanish required to apply for the Peru Servant Team

 Galati, Romania
When: September 1 – November 30, 2017
Cost: Approximately $6,000/team member (includes airfare)

Where: Freetown, Sierra Leone
When: September 4 – December 17, 2017
Cost: Approximately $5,175/team member (includes airfare)

Where: Kigali, Rwanda
When: TBD
Cost: TBD

Costs and dates are approximate and subject to change based on the number of Servant Team members. The cost includes airfare, lodging and food, but does not include any necessary vaccinations or Visa expenses that may be needed prior to departure. Please email if you have any questions or would like more information about our upcoming Servant Teams. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application Instructions

  • Fill out the Servant Team Application
  • Send an updated resume and photo of yourself to (your resume should include education, work experience, skills and references)
  • Pay the $35 Application Fee online.
  • You must also send out three electronic reference forms to the following: a professional (job) reference, a pastor or spiritual mentor, and a personal friend.

Once we receive this application, your resume, application fee, and reference forms we will contact you as soon as possible. For detailed questions about this program, visit our FAQ section. 

Servant Team locations change periodically. Servant Teams may be offered in the following WMF countries of service:

Chisinau, Moldova

An independent nation since 1991, one-third of Moldova’s children have at least one parent living abroad while one in ten live without both parents. Although stories of trafficking, exploitation and abandonment abound, WMF staff are committed to living as people of hope in Moldova in the midst of what often seems to be an impenetrable darkness. Team members will seek to build relationships with marginalized children and work with staff to offer holistic opportunities for development.

El Alto, Bolivia

The WMF Bolivia community seeks abundant life for those affected by prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia.  El Alto, previously a shantytown of La Paz, is a large urban center high in the Andes mountains.  The community has been a presence in the red-light district since 2001, and seeks to share God’s love with the women and their children by offering a place of refuge.  They seek transformation for these families through strategic workshops and tutoring for children.  They provide dignified employment for survivors of prostitution through their social enterprise, sutisana.  Please note that El Alto is over 13,000 feet above sea level.  The altitude can be deadly for those with sickle cell anemia and is not recommended for those with asthma, heart or respiratory conditions.

Lima, Peru

Team members will participate with the WMF staff in an on-going work among children in street contexts in Lima. The ministry focuses on relationships of love and justice with children who are nurtured at the WMF day center, on the street and in other care homes.

Galati, Romania

Team members will serve among at-risk children and young adults at the WMF drop-in center (The Valley House).

Freetown, Sierra Leone

The staff in Freetown are reaching out to the slum community of Kroo Bay. The WMF community is accompanying children and youth in Kroo Bay through education, discipleship, healthcare, and presence. They monitor school and trades training sponsorships, as well as, operate a Good News Club in the largest slum in Freetown. Team members will participate in ministry activities alongside WMF staff.

Servant Team Values

Community – The Servant Team will live as a community united in the love of Christ. Community is our means of ministry. It is through community that the values of the Kingdom of God are established in our lives and service. It will be through community that the redeeming love of Christ will be reflected in such a way that the poor are welcomed into our fellowship.

Discipleship- Discipleship will take the form of weekly meetings concentrating on the issues of poverty, the poor, ministry and our corporate responsibility as the body of Christ. These informal meetings are designed to open doors for discussion. Discipleship will also come out of community living, Bible study, book critiques, and our brokenness as we live and serve among the poor. Worship and prayer will be vital parts of this discipleship with one another.

Internship- A significant component of the Servant Team will be some form of active involvement in a local Christian ministry, a non-government organization (NGO), or an aid/relief program working in some capacity to serve the poor (i.e. street children, leprosy rehabilitation, pediatric AIDS care). This aspect of the Servant Team members will partly depend on the interests of the Servant Team members and will afford the members the opportunity to learn more about community development and holistic ministry. This experience also serves as a springboard for a personal project that each Servant Team member will be asked to submit at the end of their team experience.

Ministry- Ministry will not simply be the “things we do.” It will be the very essence of the lives we live with each other and among the poor.

Servant Team Goals

Celebrate the person of Jesus Christ
The Servant Team exists to draw those involved into a deeper love and more intimate knowledge of Jesus that others may know him. It is by loving Him that we are able to love one another and this dying world. It is through knowing Him that we may know His passions and follow His lead in serving the poorest of the poor. This service is not the end we seek; the end is Christ Himself.

Clarify and contextualize a biblically based world view
Our world view is distorted by our economic status and the narcissism of our society. Greed, pride, and extreme individualism characterize our values. Scripture speaks of a world view shaped by the values of humility, sacrifice, and love. These are the values of the Kingdom of God. As believers we should place more emphasis on understanding what Scripture has to say about who we are and to Whom we belong. Clarification of our world view enables us to develop a more secure foundation upon which to build our faith. Contextualizing our world view is necessary for us to maintain a consistent, Biblical understanding of our faith, regardless of our geographical location.

Develop a foundational philosophy of Christian ministry
All to often service becomes nothing more than a job for those in ministry. At this point it becomes fruitless and vain as it is not rooted in their spirituality. True ministry is a natural out-flow of our relationship with Christ. Unless our outreach is motivated by our relationship with Jesus, it is not rooted in our spirituality. By understanding our relationship with Jesus, the unchanging King, and our relationship to His unshakable Kingdom, we can begin to develop a foundation for living. Once this foundation for living is established, we will have a foundation for ministry.

Re-interpret our spirituality in the context of a dying world
Through exposure both to God’s Word and God’s world, we are faced with the reality of the poor and our need to engage that reality. We must be committed to a response that centers on bringing God’s redemptive love, through our own brokenness and humility, to His lost and suffering children.

Develop a firm relationship with local churches
Throughout the commitment of the Servant Team we will seek to understand through the study of Scriptures, how and why the Lord has established the Church as His body here on earth. Seeking to understand our place in the Church, what we give to the Church, and what we can offer the Church will be a starting point to developing a collective and personal understanding of the theology and philosophy of the Church.

Learn to function in culturally appropriate ways in the majority world
We acknowledge that we are entering the Third World as outsiders. As such, we can never fully identify with or understand the conditions of those among whom we serve; the poorest of the poor. It is arrogant for us to believe that we have all the answers. Therefore, we will seek to enter into each situation with a posture of humility that will place us in a position of continual learning from the poor.