Word Made Flesh Peru is a community committed to serving Jesus among vulnerable people groups in Peru’s marginalized urban areas.

Peru is one of the poorest nations in South America. Peruvians are looking for their identity after almost five centuries of exploitation by foreigners in a culturally and linguistically diverse nation, regionally isolated into coastal, mountain, and jungle communities. Populations in the major cities have been increasing at alarming rates due to urban migration from rural areas. Today, nearly half of Peru’s disproportionately youthful population lives in poverty. This culturally catholic nation is religiously divided between Catholic and non-Catholic. Among the most pressing social issues are rampant poverty, corruption at all levels of organization and government, drug trafficking, local terrorist groups and the breakdown of traditional families.

Mission Statement

Word Made Flesh Peru is a community committed to serving Jesus among vulnerable people groups in Peru’s marginalized urban areas.


The first step of outreach is field research where we identify a vulnerable population for initiating outreach. Frequency: one day per week. Priorty: A population not currently being reached by partner organizations. In 2014 WMF Peru will be continuing field research in the urban slum areas of Lima and identify a new, specific population among whom to begin relational ministry.

Local Church Partnerships

WMF Peru partners with local churches by offering trainings and social exchanges to promote opportunities for healthy integration of vulnerable people and families into local church communities. WMF Peru organizes 6 training sessions with the families to prepare for integration into a church body; church leaders participate in these sessions to promote healthy social interactions. In 2013, all six former street families who asked to join this project remain connected to a local church in their area.

Supporting Students

Launched in 2005 in response to youth in street contexts; WMF Peru works with each participant to create a personalized education plan. This program supports both children who are studying at their grade level and older students who are attending night school or vocational training institutions. Current participation level is 33 students.


WMF Peru is actively using and expanding a training manual for local churches and others interested in relational development work among vulnerable communities. Current material is titled, “Outreach to Vulnerable Populations” in four sections: “The Bible and vulnerable people”, “Norms and structures”, “Team Dynamics”, and “Ethical Marketing”. This project also generates funding for WMF Peru.

Community Pilot Program

WMF Peru will work for approximately one year in partnership with a local church to identify and develop an outreach plan for vulnerable populations in their area. The work will then be repeated with other churches. Key components are:

• Church based outreach and service to vulnerable populations
• Develop a personalized methodology with Christian values
• Develop awareness in the target population of their civil rights and responsabilities.
• Empower decision making in the target population that contributes to integral personal growth and devleopment.
• Obtain a committment from the local church body towards the new community
• That the local church contributes to the growth and development of the new community