Dear beloved friends & family,

We had a wonderful time visiting so many of you while we were in the US.  We already miss you!  These are always special times for us, and we cherish them greatly.  We were able to share some stories, photos and even a song with lots of you.  We hope that our visit was meaningful.  It is so energizing and encouraging for us to be with you and share with you.  While in Rio, your friendships, e-mails, cards, prayers and care help keep us going.   

We just want to give you a quick update on what this month holds for us.  As you read this, we will be on our way to Asia.  That's right, Asia.  We are excited to be able to go and visit our Word Made Flesh colleagues in Nepal.  You may remember that Rebecca did an internship there in 2000.  They have been very busy since that time.  Their ministry now includes work among young abandoned girls, boys on the streets, elderly women, and young men addicted to drugs.  They have seen the Lord work powerfully in the lives of their friends.  In addition to spending time with friends, we really hope to be able to learn from these colleagues as we move forward with our women's education center this year.

There are lots of things going on in Rio that we need your prayers for!  We would love for you to join with us as WMF Brasil continues to grow and develop. 

Pray for our visit to Nepal.  Pray that it would be a fruitful time and that we would be safe as we travel. The space that we were hoping would be the home of the women's education center fell through at the last minute.  We are continuing to look for a place.  Pray that the Lord would show us the right time and  place for this vision that He has given us. We will be moving to a new apartment after our field visit to Nepal.  Pray that we could quickly find a place that is quiet, less stressful and good for our family. We recently lost a valuable volunteer who moved out of the city.  Pray that others could step in and fill some of the holes that she leaves. Dande (WMF Brasil staff) is taking a ministry leadership course.  Pray that she would feel more confident in her giftings and in leading Palavra Encarnada (WMF Brasil).

Thank you for being a part of our lives and our ministry.


Rich, Rebecca & Anna Nichols





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