Selina oversees the care of children and the orphanage. She makes sure that everyone has food each day and is like a mother to everyone.

Flora Chombe
Child Advocate

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Flora is our Child Advocate. She is learning the jobs of both Mr. Mbota and Mrs. Bokho. She started her new position in January 2019. Previously, she served as the Headmistress of our preschool since 2010.

Karly Glibert
Field Staff

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Karly grew up the second of three girls in a Christian family in Archbold, Ohio. She has two incredible parents who have been supportive through every season.

Karly attended Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) where she met her husband, Tad. As a student, Karly traveled to Malawi, Africa for the first time with Circle of Hope International (COH) at the urging of her older sister. She views this time at IWU and in Malawi as incredibly influential in her spiritual growth. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has worked as a nurse in Chicago in orthopedic and intensive care units. Karly recently completed her Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Nursing Education. Since her first trip to Malawi in 2012, Karly has remained involved with the ministry. She has been on a total of 8 trips to date and joined the COH board of directors in 2015.

Karly joined the WMF family in 2019 as she and Tad prepare to be sent to Malawi full-time. Though this was not something Tad and Karly initially planned for their lives, they can see how God has been faithful in preparing them for this season. With Karly’s background, she envisions working at Grace Clinic as a nurse and in a coordinator role for the development of the maternal center.

Tad Glibert
Field Staff

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Tad is the third of four children and was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He grew up in a Christian home but did not have a true, authentic relationship with Jesus until his freshman year of college.

Tad played soccer at Indiana Wesleyan University and majored in Secondary Math Education. Throughout college he was able to see how God could use sports to minister to others, going on soccer missions trips to Brazil and New Zealand. Upon graduation, he moved to Chicago and earned his Master’s degree in Sports Administration from Northwestern University. He has worked as an assistant basketball coach at Northwestern for the past five years.

Tad has traveled to the Grace Center in Malawi in the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 with Circle of Hope International (COH). After experiencing an armed robbery at the Grace Center in 2018, Tad and his wife Karly felt like God was calling them to serve and love the people of Malawi full-time. As a WMF Malawi staff member, Tad will be working with the COH staff and school administrators, athletic teams and serving as a father figure for the boys’ orphanage.

Levison Kawotcha

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Dr. Levison Kawotcha is the newest member of our staff. We are so thankful to have his gentle, merciful spirit running our clinic. He comes to us with 7 years of experience running a rural clinic and maternity. We know that God has truly blessed us and poured out his mercy on us to give us such a treasure.

George Lungah is a pastor and a farmer. He loves to read and learn. George oversees our agriculture programs and gives oversight to the accounting in each department at the Grace Center.

Pearson Matthews
Grace Center Building Manager

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Pearson is our Building Manager and general fixer-upper. He keeps things looking good and running smoothly. Pearson is also an extraordinary cook. He has cooked for our teams since 2009. Pearson is also a musician, he plays every instrument in the worship band and writes his own music.

Ben has worked with Circle of Hope since the day they started feeding orphaned children. He and Selina Bokho love to point to the picture in their office of the two of them sitting on the ground doing paperwork. There was nothing at the Grace Center in those days, just dirt and kids. Ben does all the paperwork to keep us accountable with Social Services and the government.

KDO Milanzi
Board President

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KDO Milanzi pastors in the Grace Alliance church. He has served as the president of the Circle of Hope board since May 2018. His greatest gift is in Evangelism. He loves telling people about Jesus and helping them find Him as Savior, Healer, Deliverer and Friend. He is responsible for Spiritual Growth at the Grace Center as well as giving wisdom and direction to ministry.

Andrew Ngwangwa
Health Programs Coordinator

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Andrew gives oversight to our Health programs and keeps our medical staff on their toes.

Karen Roller
Executive Director

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Karen Roller has over 25 years of experience living and working in Africa. She and her husband served as missionaries in the Congo, Nigeria and Malawi before returning to live in the United States. She has a diverse background in education, curriculum development, leadership development, literacy training and translation. Karen speaks Chichewa, the native language of Malawi, fluently and also has studied Effik, a regional language of Nigeria, and Swahili.

“In 2005, my heart was broken. We left Malawi and I thought we might never return. I pictured my sorrow like a broken teapot shattered on the floor. As Circle of Hope began to grow, Jesus changed the picture in my mind. He picked up each piece of my broken teapot laying them into a beautiful mosaic tabletop. On my own, I could only serve a few from my little teapot, but Jesus allows me to feed thousands from His table. “

Karen has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Asbury College and brings a strong understanding of the needs of those living in undeveloped countries, a great ability to communicate across cultural boundaries and a tremendous desire to serve the poor. She and her husband, Leonard, have three adult children and three beautiful grandchildren. They live in Wilmore, Kentucky.