Navajo Nation Staff

Ken Dean

Director Of Finance And External Accounts Administration

Ken joined Word Made Flesh in 2015. He spent nearly 20 years enjoying various finance roles that specialized in corporate strategy. In 2013, Ken, a fifth-generation-native Californian, moved to Wilmore, Ky., to attend Asbury Theological Seminary. He loves to work outside and worship with his wife and four children. He has served as a church board member, treasurer, and school board member.

After having a vision of a place he had never heard of before called “Bodaway,” Ken and his wife Cindy found themselves on a mesa called Bodaway within the Navajo Nation Reservation. They encountered people with great needs who experience poverty and marginalization and began forming relationships with a local church and local leaders. These partnerships led to being able to provide for physical needs, holiday gifts, and give resources such as VBS and job training. 

Ken and Cindy live in Versailles, KY, and have four children. Ken also serves as the Director of Finance and External Accounts Administrator for WMF.